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Mardi Gras 2018 Goes Mobile

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Mobile apps have revolutionized the way that we do everything. From ordering food to getting a ride, and getting a dog walker – everything can be done right from your phone! Mardi Gras is an especially exciting time of year. However, not all the moments of Mardi Gras are fun. Getting stuck in traffic, hunting down a parking space, and a spike in car accidents can put a great deal of stress on parade goers. Fortunately, mobile apps and websites have changed the way we do Mardi Gras too. Mardi Gras New Orleans Website This website has all the information …

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Mardi Gras and Digital Marketing

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Mardi Gras and digital marketing go hand in hand in New Orleans. By now, you’ve probably eaten more king cake than you ever imagined and have already put the pieces of your costume together. For many of us here in New Orleans, our events on Facebook are filled to the brim through Mardi Gras day. The world of social media has revolutionized the way we experience Mardi Gras. It has done this through apps that show the parade routes and events shared with various social media platforms. For those of us who would rather sit at home and experience it …

Generation Z: What to Know When Devising Your Holiday Marketing Plan

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Just when you have figured out how to appeal to millennials, there’s a new generation in town: Generation Z. Currently, Generation Z is made up of ages 2 to 19. Most of this generation has used the internet since a very young age. They are comfortable with technology, and for them, communicating through social media is the norm By 2020, Generation Z will account for an astounding 40% of all consumers. However, few brands have considered how to go about appropriately communicating to this demographic. This generation is the most technologically fluent generation thus far. Therefore, they recognize the value …

Holly Jolly Holiday Marketing

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The holiday season has crept on us again. It’s crunch time in the marketing world! If you haven’t done much so far – fear not! At Velocity Agency, we have impeccable holiday marketing ideas to make your brand shine! Here are six tips to make your holiday marketing campaign a hit this year: Harvest Your Data Numbers don’t lie. You should always monitor your data to stay one step ahead of your competition. Take advantage of all the reports, charts and data you have.   Think About Sales and Promotions Customers are always looking for deals and discounts this time …

Starbucks is No Longer Seeing Red

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It’s the time of year when the flavors of fall fade away, and peppermint mochas beckon consumer to get holly jolly. A significant signaling of the holidays is Starbucks’s red cup. Since 1997, Starbucks has welcomed the holidays with a cup that ranges from modern and abstract to nostalgic and traditional. The cup design is mostly red with white details to evoke the warm fuzzy feelings we associate with Christmas. In 2015, the company took advantage of the popularity of minimalism in design and debuted a completely red cup. The cup spawned a social media uproar. Consumers claimed there was …

Surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Not long ago, Black Friday was a one-day event. Now, Black Friday sales seem to last an entire season. Brands launch sale days in advance and stretch out the holiday shopping season as long as possible. Some shoppers seem to be losing interest in Black Friday. There has been a 72% decrease in social media conversations about Black Friday since 2012. While Black Friday is on the decline, the internet is favoring Cyber Monday. The decline in Black Friday is due mostly to the negative presence on social media. More than half of the conversations on social media surrounding Black …

Marketing Lessons from the Pumpkin Spice Latte You Can Sip On

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Fall is officially here and you’ve already felt the effects of fall fever. You have moved your sweaters to the front of your closet, you passed a pumpkin patch on the way to work, and you are anticipating the slew of fall festivals on your calendar. Pumpkin spice has taken over this season and it isn’t slowing down. There are pumpkin donuts, bagels, hamburgers, chips, beers, liquors, wines, yogurts, salty snacks, cheese and even toothpaste. In 2017, America’s pumpkin spice obsession is bigger than ever. Sales of pumpkin products have grown by 79% since 2012 and have grossed $361m compared …

Hurricane Relief

Brands Lead The Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

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Brands have done so much for Hurricane Relief. Hurricane Harvey was the first major storm of its kind to make landfall in the US in over a decade and caused mass destruction along the southern border of the nation. Companies from all over the country are offering funds, goods, their employees and offices to help with the relief. At this point, corporate donations have already surpassed $157 million. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have pledged $2 million to the mayor of Houston. They also have plans to match customer donations on a two-to-one basis. These funds will add up to …

Heating Up Your Summer Marketing

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Summer is usually one of the perfect times for a vacation. The weather is beautiful, kids are off from school, and people tend to take things slower than usual. As everyone takes a break from the rest of the year, however, marketing brands and entrepreneurs may want to use this time to get ahead of the curve. Though the season can be a slower one for some companies, summer promises a time for new opportunities in promotion, something that can affect business for the rest of the year. One way to do this is to understand the certain trends that …