Does your brand need to produce a web series? The way that people consume media is rapidly changing. Long gone are the days when radio and television were the only ways to serialize a subject matter to a steady audience. We know this because Velocity has been in the production business for over 40 years. Velocity has spent that time with the growing technologies and ever-changing standards at have altered the landscape of serialization and production. The advent of the internet has allowed anyone with a camera and a video portal account to tell their story.
When a series goes viral, it can have great benefits for marketing yourself or your business.
Health Heroes web series playing on a laptop
Web Series have become popular across YouTube channels and other parts of the web thanks in part to their length and their correlation to current events. These video series can be discovered anywhere, from smartphones to laptops or simply word-of-mouth. These viral videos can be anything from humorous animations to DIY projects. There is a strategy to creating a popular web series that can engage your target audience, help build your brand, and keep you or your company in the mind of consumers. Here at Velocity, we have mastered that strategy.

Our United Healthcare web series is a great example of our amazing production. Velocity films this web series monthly and it features healthy cooking options and general health advice from health practitioners across a variety of fields. At Velocity, we give every detail the focus and gravity that it deserves. Velocity’s 16,000 square foot soundstage serves as the foundation for the incredible projects our staff passionately labors on. When Velocity films a web series, our staff prepares the studio the same way we prepare it for a multi-million dollar ad shoot. Velocity will film your web series with the latest digital technology, edit the footage in state of the art edit suites, and publish the final product to any platform or medium you specify.

We focus on the concept of the web series to capture the audience’s attention while still giving the content a “sponsored” feel which puts the brand in the spotlight. The productions we create give the brand a relatable quality that connects with the intended audience on a level that is hard to do with other forms of advertising. Many web series have taken off and turned into notable TV productions. Our web series stand out from our competitors based solely on quality and substance. If you’re looking to start a web series, contact the professionals at Velocity Agency to help get your idea off the ground and into the web!