The digital age has fundamentally changed marketing plans for companies across the globe. With the advent of social media and smartphones, consumers are connected to a constant stream of data and information that shapes how they see the world. To be successful in advertising today, companies need to reach beyond traditional marketing opportunities. Here at Velocity Agency, we believe that social media might be the most powerful tool in the marketing and advertising world. If you want to reach your consumers, you need to reach them where they spend their time. Consumers’ time is increasingly spent on digital adventures they encounter while scrolling through their Facebook feed and Velocity’s Facebook advertising has revolutionized brand exposure and the way we convert potential clients into your biggest fans.
Advertising to consumers on Facebook opens the door to reach millions of people in a targeted manner.
3 Facebook AD Samples
Facebook collects the millions of data points users enter into the platform of the information they offer and the pages, posts, and advertisements they “like.” By using this information to build a consumer profile, Facebook can offer advertisers unparalleled targeting capabilities. This means Velocity’s advertisements on Facebook are carefully fine-tuned to reach only those consumers that are genuinely interested in your offerings. Furthermore, if an advertisement is compelling and interesting, users are likely to share the advertisement with their friends, who in turn share with their friends, and on, exponentially increasing the potential reach of any given advertisement.
Velocity Agency’s creative graphic designers and production team work hand in hand to create an ad for your company’s Facebook page that will appeal to relevant consumers across the board. Additionally, our social media experts can share your Facebook ad across all social media platforms, meaning that your Facebook advertisement can reach a Twitter user that may not have a Facebook. Velocity Agency knows how to reach the masses. If you are looking to start advertising on Facebook, don’t rely on just any marketing agency. Hire an agency that works to understand your business, your consumers and how to reach them. Call Velocity Agency and learn more about what our expert marketing team can do to propel your business forward!