The trailer is typically the very first exposure a movie has to the general public, and first impressions count. An effective movie trailer has to cut through all the clutter and the static to grab your audience’s attention. Most importantly it must convey what your film is all about in about two minutes. We pride ourselves on taking the most complicated of projects and figuring out the best, most interesting and concise way to tell its story. Velocity can help you deliver frames of pure visceral impact.
Velocity Agency is your destination for Movie Trailer Production in New Orleans.
Phone with a movie trailer playing
At Velocity, we believe in crafting trailers that are not just advertisements-- but a mix of art, science, and marketing expertise. Producing an incredible movie trailer is challenging. An excellent movie trailer must show dramatic and engaging cuts without revealing too much of the story. The trailer must capture attention without making viewers feel like they have already seen the movie. With the rise of streaming online, trailers are valued completely differently than they once were. In the past, trailers were online limited to the cinema and forgotten once the main feature rolled. Now, trailers are obsessed over, dissected, and reworked by fans.
Here at Velocity Agency, our expert post-production team has been building dramatic tension in trailers for decades. Whether it be dramatic, edgy, or just plain hilarious, we will help you sum up the story, the tone, and the essence of your work. Our team of experienced professionals knows how to make great content that will stay in people’s minds long after they see the final trailer scene and will have them flooding to the movie premiere. Your work deserves nothing less. Now that we have your attention come see how our work can help draw larger audiences to films across the country.