Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


Media is ever-changing and constantly introducing new outlets. Velocity Agency’s media department is focused on promoting brands and selling products and services through established and emerging broadcasting channels, harnessing elements of new and established media outlets to engage current customers and drawing the attention of potential new customers. Velocity Agency uses many different mediums for attracting consumers, including display advertising, paid social media advertising, radio and TV spots. The objective of all media advertising is to get consumers to interact with a brand, engaging with them in a way that increases brand awareness and positively correlates to sales made.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. The major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, offer PPC (Pay-Per-Click) listings. Pay per click achieves instant "first-page" listings for a search inquiry for terms that are relevant to your website. Velocity uses this technology along with detailed keyword research to figure out what your prospective clients are searching for and place your company and its products at the forefront of those clients search results. If you need to reach new customers online today, call Velocity Agency!

Search Engine Marketing Pay Per Click
Radio Spots
Radio Spots

Despite what you may have heard, video did not “kill the radio star”. As other technologies have emerged, radio audiences have remained relatively steady with a strong and loyal base of listeners that are well defined. As a result, radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers that may be interested in your product or service. With the help of detailed knowledge about the demographics and audiences of stations around the country, Velocity Agency’s media team is ready to place your radio ad spots in intuitive time slots and stations to reach the best audience you can.

National TV Spots

Television, like no other media outlet, allows you to put an attention-grabbing audio-visual message in front of a mass audience, while also allowing you to target specific markets and demographics that are most important to your business. Once our production team has capped off a project, our expert media planners help place your spots in the shows, games and films that capture your audience's attention. With Velocity’s years of experience, we know how to use TV spot placement to reach a wide audience that meets your customer profile.

National TV spots
Halftime show ads
Halftime Show Ads
Like TV spots, halftime show ads can be made to air across the country, but this time the advertisement will be shown during TV’s largest annual event, the Super Bowl. The commercials shown during this highly anticipated game have become nearly as big of a draw as the game itself. An estimated 111 million consumers tuned in to watch the game last year; at no other time during the year does any business obtain that extensive amount of viewership. The commercials not only bring entertainment but an opportunity to sell to the largest television audience of the year. With the help of Velocity’s industry connections, we can place halftime show ads at lower prices than other marketing agencies!
Video Pre-Roll

If you’ve watched a video anywhere on the internet, it’s likely you’ve seen a pre-roll ad. They are the short promotional clips that play before your selected content. While to many this may sound like the annoying ad you watch for five seconds until you can click “skip ad”, Velocity is ready to break that stereotype. The data shows that video pre-roll is one of the most engaging advertising formats available to marketers. At Velocity, we take advantage of this and other knowledge create an ad that gets your message across quickly but also entices the viewer to watch all the way through. Then, our expert media team carefully plans and places the pre-roll advertisements to maximise exposure to viewers fitting your customer profile.

Video Pre-roll
Facebook ads
Facebook Ads

Advertising to consumers on Facebook opens the door to reach millions of people. If an advertisement is compelling and interesting, users are likely to share the advertisement with their friends, who in turn share with their friends, and on. Velocity Agency’s creative graphic designers and production team work hand in hand to create an ad for your company’s Facebook page that will appeal to many consumers across the board. It doesn’t stop there though. Our social media experts are able to share your Facebook ad across all social media platforms, meaning that your Facebook advertisement can reach a Twitter user that may not have a Facebook. Talk about reaching the masses!

Outdoor Signage

Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking outdoor signage is easy. While it may seem simply, Velocity knows from years of experience that maximizing ROI for outdoor signage requires a deft hand. Once the graphic design team has created an board that can effectively communicate your message to customers driving down a highway at 60 mph, it is up to our expert media team to effectively place the signs. Velocity will segment your audience so we can figure out what areas they come from and what boards they will see most often. Then, Velocity uses its’ industry connections to get you a deal on your placement.

Outdoor Signage
Text Campaigns
Text Campaigns

Text message campaigns are an incredibly powerful method for getting marketing messages to customers instantly and growing your audience base by sending coupons, special deals, current events and other information to your customers automatically. Of course Velocity Agency always first gains permission from your consumers to send these text messages and always incorporates an “opt-out” option.  Because of the convenience of these campaigns, we are able to easily view inbound responses and track which messages are getting the most traffic and bringing more contacts onto your list. Based on the data Velocity receives, our media team will continually hone the message of your text message campaign to maximize your return on your investment.