Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


While production itself is massively difficult, post-production is somehow the part that intimidates people the most. Not Velocity Agency though; our team is highly experienced and skilled at wrapping up shoots and adding any details, highlights or edits that can make your commercial, movie, or video stand out.  As the word suggests, post-production is the process that takes place after the final scene has been filmed. Encompassed in this final phase is a mix of picture editing, sound effects editing, music composition, visual effects, sound mixing, and color correction. That is also roughly the order in which the process takes place. If that list does seem intimidating, give Velocity a call.

Movie Trailers
You’ve filmed a masterpiece of a movie, now you need to start exposing consumers to it. That’s where we come in. Creating a movie trailer that piques the interest of the general public and that is as cinematically sound as your movie is something we take pride in doing. Investment trailers are a great way to get your project off the ground as well. Our team can take stills and morph them into a short story to give investors a taste of the movie you want to create. From editing existing footage to creating a montage for something new, the post-production team at Velocity can handle it all.
Radio Spots

Velocity Agency houses our very own recording studio. There, we are able to record voice-overs that our in-house sound engineer can use to create a radio spot for local or national radio stations. Along with our sound design team, our curated library of music can add style to any spot to give it that extra bit of character. Velocity works with you from the beginning to learn the message that you want to convey and how to best get it across to your widest potential audience. We then write the script, find the voice talent and advise the speaker on the best delivery during recording.

With businesses spanning across many different countries and your clients spread across the world, translating advertisements has become essential. Velocity Agency’s international clients rely on us as a partner in narration and translation. The post-production team brings in experienced translators and professional voice talent to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring accurate, accent-free narration. We help you choose the right voice, handle all recording and editing, and provide the highest quality of certainty that the recording you receive will go above and beyond your expectations without confusing the message!
Instructional Videos

Staring into a camera and speaking to an audience that you cannot see can be strange and challenging. Luckily, Velocity Agency makes creating an instructional video a painless experience. We have worked with companies of all sizes to produce corporate videos that introduce new skills, behaviors or knowledge that need to be learned or reinforced. Whether the goal is to get employees up to speed on new procedures or simply showing off product uses to customers, the full-time post-production team at Velocity works with you to ensure your video is as engaging as it is informative.

Animated Infographics
Visual communication is constantly growing, and Velocity Agency stays up to date on the latest technological advances in animation. Velocity’s full-time animator on our post-production team creates innovative content that not only inspires and educates your consumers but also moves them to a specific action. Animated infographics engage viewers and add interest to topics that otherwise may come across as uninteresting. They can also be extremely helpful for those hoping to visualize project proposals for prospective clients. Don’t just tell people what you want them to know, show them!
Original Music Composition

A huge sample library and a team that has the expertise to bring your musical vision to life? What more do you need? Our team of in-house composers works restlessly to create and edit your musical composition until it is a perfect fit for your project. Whatever the task, from a short instrumental to entire soundtracks, our composers are passionate about creating original music compositions that will move your audience.

360 Virtual Tours

Imagine being able to travel to the most beautiful places in the world from the comfort of your home. That is what 360 virtual tours do. Now think about what this could do for your business. Effortlessly showcase apartments for rent, homes for sale, floor layouts and amenities, hotel rooms, casino floors, and more! Velocity Agency’s photo stitching ability will impress not only you but potential clients as well. Our detailed, full-screen panoramic photos give a perspective unlike any other.