When you're diving into the world of trade shows, and you are brainstorming on the design, there are many things to keep in mind. Your business and products can appear great, but if you aren’t pulling the clientele to your booth, your attempt to gain business has failed. To combat this, consider integrating digital and audiovisual displays into your booth design to increase your visibility and add instant access to content marketing.
As a leader in the convergence of visual communication disciplines, Velocity Agency combines digital displays, audiovisual, static signs, and lighting to successfully bring digital technology into even the most complex environments.
TBS visual display
We know the powerful influence visual displays have on your audience at face-to-face events. They play a critical role in drawing attention and communicating your company’s personality, style and message. Three seconds is all the time that it takes for a visitor to sum up your display and your business. That’s why you want the best visual displays for your presentation. Our technology team and exhibit technology partners working hand in hand means that you will benefit from innovations once only dreamed of in the exhibit world.
Whether you are trying to create a display for the front of your business or are traveling and need a mobile display, drawing the eyes of your consumers is the goal. We are passionate about standards and have witnessed the transformation they are creating in our industry. As experts in image quality and screen size, we can help you to assess, measure and certify existing systems. We can also help you design, measure, and certify new display systems. Velocity will work with you to create a display that will showcase the atmosphere of your business as well as elicit the feelings that you want your consumers to have when they think of you.