Few are as powerful as Velocity's post production capabilities

Post Production

In the 40 years since Velocity Agency’s original inception as the legendary New Orleans post production and production company, Berning Marketing & Productions, Velocity has built a reputation on its exceptional editing and post production skills. In fact, Velocity Agency has been hired to work on projects such as music videos which have garnered over 80 million views for acclaimed rap artist G-Eazy.
Camera on a tripod

4k Editing

Of the many weapons in Velocity’s post production arsenal, few are as powerful as Velocity’s 4k editing capabilities. 4k video allows your content to be displayed by four times as many pixels as regular 1080p high definition. Furthermore, recent developments in ultra HD technology allow the video to be displayed with even greater depths of color. Velocity’s cutting edge editing suites allow our expert staff to edit and produce your ads, films and other marketing materials in the highest possible quality in order to give your customers the clearest picture of your products and services.
Motion graphic

Motion Graphics

While a well composed still graphic can effectively convey your message to consumers, well animated motion graphics can give your ads or website that extra pop to really capture the viewer's attention. Velocity’s expert animators are standing by to take on any challenge. When you need to draw eyeballs to a banner on a website or add that little something extra to your TV ad, call Velocity Agency.
3D animation of a camera

3D Animation

Velocity’s animation capabilities go beyond simple motion graphics. With the help of advanced editing technology, Velocity’s animators can produce high definition 3D animations to help illustrate your offerings to all of your customers. Recently, Velocity’s animators created a video for an engineering firm hoping to show their plan to expand a bridge in detail through a project proposal. When you want to show your projects, services and capabilities in the highest 3D detail, contact Velocity Agency.
Man holding a photo of scenery

Color, Correction, Grading

Not all the work Velocity does starts here. Sometimes clients come to Velocity with work that began elsewhere but didn’t meet the client’s standards. When this happens, Velocity calls upon the edit team to use their color, correction and grading wizardry. Our team has the knowledge, skills, experience and technology to take any film, from any source, in any format, and give it that special something that elevates it to international quality work. Call Velocity today for your color, correction, and grading needs!
Man playing a guitar

Original Music Composition

Putting together the visual component of a masterful ad or film is one thing, but scoring that work takes another degree of artistry and dedication. At Velocity, our team understands the importance of original music composition. Music helps convey the emotions of any ad, film or other production, so why risk missing the mark with canned stock music? The Velocity team will work tirelessly to create unique and persuasive original compositions to bring your ads and films to the next level.
Narration recording

Voice, Talent, Narration

Velocity’s skill set extends beyond the technical aspects of post production. Thanks to Velocity’s origins in the legendary production company Berning Marketing & Productions, our long tenured team has extensive experience with voice, talent and narration. Velocity has filmed countless commercials, ads and radio spots that required expert narration, voiceover work and talent to effectively communicate the message our clients wanted to convey. If you are looking for high quality voice work, next level talent or convincing narration, contact Velocity today.
Sound board

Sound Design

Velocity’s experience with sound design is unparalleled in the New Orleans post-production community. Collectively, Velocity’s team has decades of experience with unique and intriguing sound design. We’d like to say our award-winning work speaks for itself. Take a look at Velocity’s past projects here and listen in for yourself to discover why our sound design is unmatched in the industry. Click here to check it out on our portfolio.
Post-production sound mixer computer program


Properly mastering a project in post production is more than a skill, it is an art form. Mastering is the final step of the post-production process. Traditionally, the purpose of mastering is to balance the different sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats. Typically, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting, and stereo enhancement. With the help of the Velocity team’s unique eye and ear for detail, your project will shine like no other. Let our team and their vast repertoire of work guide your project through the mastering process in order to capture the minds and hearts of your consumers.


Velocity’s work doesn’t end with a fully mastered project. The Velocity team has the technology and skill set to prepare and distribute your project across any medium. From any imaginable digital file format to pressed, printed and creatively cased DVDs, CDs or other physical medium, our post production team is prepared to make distribution as simple and pain free as possible. Trust Velocity with your next project’s distribution needs and sit back while our expert team takes care of all the hard work!
Man wearing VR headset

Virtual Reality

Any true post production studio is prepared to meet all technological demands, regardless of how new or complicated. Virtual reality technology may just be taking off, but Velocity is ahead of the curve. If you are looking for the most innovative post production techniques for your next project, Velocity’s virtual reality offerings are for you. Blow your competition out of the water with virtual tours, interactive videos and product renderings that allow your customers to see you, your products, and your services from every angle. Contact Velocity today to get the first step on your competition with virtual reality.
Motion capture photo of a go-cart driving

Motion Tracking

Velocity would not be a full service digital marketing agency without the capability to tackle any project, regardless of the technological requirements. That is why Velocity has heavily invested in cutting edge motion tracking technology in order to propel your next project to new heights. If you need to find the New Orleans post production company with the requisite skills to tackle motion tracking and motion capture for your next project, look no further than Velocity Agency.
green screen set


Also known alternatively as “green screen” or “blue screen” technology, compositing is an essential part of any modern production company's arsenal. That is why Velocity has invested in the technology and expert personnel required to set our compositing work apart from the rest of the production crowd. When you need to composite film in order to make your vision come to life, call Velocity Agency at 985-778-0798.