2024 Golden telly award for Lamarque Lincolns "Ron-A-Longs" Camapaign surrounded by golden fireworks

Empowering Brands to Shine

Amidst the spectacle of Independence Day fireworks, Velocity Agency stands at the forefront of celebrating creativity and independence in marketing, driven by our commitment to delivering impactful results. Join us as we delve into how our recent collaborations with esteemed clients have exemplified this commitment.

Lamarque Lincoln: Elevating Luxury with Award-Winning Campaigns

At the heart of our success lies our collaboration with Lamarque Lincoln, where we recently clinched a prestigious Golden Telly Award for the “Ron-A-Longs” campaign. This campaign not only showcased the luxury and elegance of Lincoln’s automobiles but also highlighted the deep admiration that Ronnie Lamarque and his son, Ronnie Lamarque Jr., have for the brand’s innovation, elegance, and performance.


In the “Ron-A-Longs” campaign, we crafted a visually stunning narrative that went beyond mere advertising. It portrayed Ronnie Lamarque and Ronnie Lamarque Jr. not just as endorsers but as genuine enthusiasts who embody the essence of Lincoln’s luxury vehicles. Their genuine appreciation and passion resonated with luxury automotive enthusiasts, elevating Lamarque Lincoln’s brand visibility and deepening customer engagement.

Our journey with Lamarque Lincoln underscores our expertise in commercial production, print design, and website design, all of which were leveraged to create a campaign that captivated audiences and garnered industry acclaim. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we brought the essence of Lincoln’s luxury and the Lamarque family’s admiration for the brand to life.

Baggett McCall: Capturing Authenticity in Testimonial Commercials

Our partnership with Baggett McCall, a distinguished law firm with over 60 years of dedicated service to the Lake Charles community, has been marked by a profound commitment to their clients. Through our testimonial campaign, we sought not only to showcase their legal expertise but also to highlight the deep, familial bonds they forge with those they serve.

In each heartfelt testimonial, clients speak in their own words about their experiences with Baggett McCall, emphasizing more than just legal representation—they describe a relationship built on trust and genuine care. For many, Baggett McCall isn’t just a law firm; they are trusted advisors and, in some cases, even close friends.


This testimonial campaign captures the essence of Baggett McCall’s values: compassion, integrity, and a personal commitment to each client’s well-being. By allowing clients to share their stories authentically, we’ve not only illustrated Baggett McCall’s legal prowess but also conveyed the depth of their impact on the Lake Charles community.

Our collaboration with Baggett McCall underscores their unwavering dedication to their clients and our expertise in crafting compelling narratives that resonate deeply. Through this campaign, we’ve celebrated their legacy of compassion and trust, ensuring that their commitment to excellence shines through every testimonial.

Conclusion: Empowering Brands to Soar

At Velocity Agency, we pride ourselves on empowering brands to soar above the competition. Through our comprehensive services in production, post-production, media placement, motion graphics, web design, graphic design, and software development, we enable brands to achieve independence in their marketing endeavors.

Whether it’s crafting award-winning campaigns like “Ron-A-Longs” for Lamarque Lincoln, producing impactful testimonial commercials for Baggett McCall, or designing intuitive websites, Velocity Agency is committed to delivering excellence and driving measurable results. Celebrate independence with Velocity Agency, where creativity meets success. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your brand’s story and achieve your marketing goals together.


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