When the knowledge of how things are done is passed on verbally, there is room for interpretation and human error. Knowing how to best reach your audience with the most impact is key. At Velocity Agency, we understand the importance of informing your audience and relaying that information in the best way possible. We have produced training videos for a wide array of clients like Folgers, government offices, oil and gas companies, and insurance and healthcare companies. With instructional videos, you gain the ability to reach your audience at any time and teach them at their own pace.
Instructional Video Shoot
Composing instructional videos has long been a specialty of Velocity Agency.
It’s vital to keep in mind that learning styles vary from person to person. So one client or employee may be able to grasp the same instructions that may confuse a different individual. The ability to reach both is important and instructional videos give you the ability. Hands-on walkthroughs ensure your instructions inform your audience and accomplish what they need to achieve. They can cover a wide array of subjects but are not limited to, software and product tutorials, lifestyle and health videos, and work instruction and safety videos.
Human error is unfortunately unavoidable. Often resulting in serious injuries and cost many industries billions of dollars every year. Much of this could be avoided with better, clearer work instructions. Through years of experience, Velocity Agency has gained the knowledge and understanding on how best teach and reach your employees. The results of which are improved work efficiency and the reduction of safety violations. No matter your industry, we know these results speak to you. Whether you need to teach your employees or to inform your customers on how to best use your product, look to Velocity Agency for your next instructional video.