One of the hardest things to accomplish in a business is keeping the conversation with your customers going after their purchase. Many customers may make their purchase and move on to the next thing in their busy lives, forgetting about your business entirely. The challenge then is to find ways to engage those customers and to remind them of your sales, offerings, and general news and announcements. While some companies have turned to Facebook and other social media platforms to handle this, the complexity of the algorithms dictating the flow of your customers social media feed does not guarantee that every customer will receive every message you send out. So how do you reach them?
An E-blast is a step towards creating a well-structured system that easily continues the conversation between the company and the clientele that they provide services for.
Eblast mockup
E-blasts are the tool you are looking for. By constructing carefully crafted, professional quality E-blasts, you can deliver instantaneous updates on your businesses offerings, sales and news to all of your customers at once. But if all you had to do was send an email, why hire a marketing agency?
The answer is time and experience. Crafting E-blasts can be time consuming work for busy professionals. You have a business to run, can you afford to take hours out of your day several times a month to design an E-blast format, fill it with interesting content and manage the mailing lists? Custom software allows Velocity Agency to acquire detailed information about open rates, link clicks, abandonment and more. Our team’s years of experience allow us to use that data to tweak the messages we send out on your behalf and optimize them for your customers preference.
If you need an E-blast template, someone to manage your E-blast content, or simply someone to build you a customized mailing list, contact Velocity Agency today. Our experts are standing by to help bridge the communication gap between your customers and your business!