As advertisers, our staff continually questions what ultimately convinces customers to make purchase decisions. Thanks to years of experience, Velocity knows that when considering purchase decisions, consumers look for evidence from their peers and other informed individuals. This evidence is known as social proof. It doesn’t matter if that social proof comes from friends or strangers. What matters is that consumers see evidence from others that the decision they are about to make is the right one. Velocity’s expertly filmed testimonials are the perfect way to highlight the proof that your product or business is the right decision for your target demographic. In fact, studies have shown that hearing the stories of satisfied customers is a top purchase driver among consumers.
As a full-service marketing agency, Velocity is prepared to tackle every step of the testimonial production process.
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With decades of experience planning, producing, executing and distributing commercials, films, documentaries, and much more, Velocity is the perfect agency to help your satisfied customers tell their story. When reaching out to previous customers and crafting testimonials for your products, Velocity Agency knows the importance of not just asking for a testimonial. Velocity asks specific questions that guide your customers toward writing testimonials that aren’t just complimentary of your business or product but that are informative and inspirational as well.
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Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful trust signals that can be used on your website and in your marketing campaigns, including landing pages, traditional advertisements, product and pricing pages, and even your AdWords ads. Ideally, Velocity aims to extract examples of how your product or service has benefited the consumer in their day-to-day life. When framed in the right context, customer testimonials are an immensely powerful trust signal. Credibility is essential to the success of your business, so hire a credible marketing agency with the decades of experience necessary to capture the emotions and moments from the testimonials that will drive future purchase decisions from your customers. Persuasive testimonials from satisfied customers can sway even the most hesitant prospect, making them a potent weapon in your marketing arsenal. The internet and mobile devices make it possible for consumers to access a wealth of information before they engage with a business. Consumers want reassurance that they are getting a good deal and testimonials make the product feel like a safer investment.