Five Types of Content

Five Types of Content Every Brand Should Post on Instagram

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Creating a cohesive Instagram brand is becoming more and more important in the world of social media marketing. Learning how to build your Instagram can still be a challenge and that’s why you need the social media team at Velocity Agency on your side! Here are five types of content that every brand should be posting to Instagram: Content That Communicates Your Personality The line between professional and personal on Instagram is beginning to blur because audiences love to see the faces behind the brand! Try posting content that allows your audience to know who you are. You can even …

tracking Facebook phone calls

Moe Questions, Moe Discoveries.

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  Moe Ahsan, our digital marketing manager, is always researching and trying to strengthen our company. Recently, through the power of research and deduction, he has solved another digital marketing mystery behind Facebook ads. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for businesses and advertisers looking to reach a large and fairly engaged audience. Every day there are hundreds to millions of campaigns running on Facebook for brands large and small. Each one of these campaigns has various objectives, some of the objectives give a call option where marketers can add a “call now” button to their ads. …

No Pass Interference

The No Pass Interference | A Marketable Moment

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It was a letdown that the whole city felt immediately when the Saints lost due to a no pass interference call on the Rams. In the midst of the loss, there have been petitions, suggested lawsuits, and even other states putting up billboards stating “Saints were robbed.” Outside of that, many local businesses in New Orleans have lost big time as well, while others jumped on the opportunity to use the sad event as a way to market to their consumers. Velocity Agency knows how to seize opportunities whether the circumstances are bad or good. You ALWAYS have an opportunity …

Netflix Data Harvesting

Netflix Data Harvesting and The Future of Interactive TV

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Ok, so we have talked about Netflix Data Harvesting, but what about Interactive TV? Black Mirror is one of the most popular Netflix shows out right now and they just released a movie of sorts. On December 28th, Bandersnatch was released and has revolutionized the way that we stream tv. It stands as one of the first attempts at narrative-driven gameplay. Instead of passively watching the movie, you get to chose as the viewer what the main character does next. At first, the choices seem to be simple ones such as what type of cereal you will eat for breakfast. …

Bird Box

The Success of Bird Box and The Suspected Army of Twitter Bots.

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We hate to start the new year off with spreading gossip, but this one is worth talking about. If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard about the movie Bird Box: a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Conspiracies have been circulating on Twitter about the astounding amount of Bird Box memes. Hundreds of memes that became viral were coming from accounts with less than 50 followers. Some marketing experts have speculated that Netflix has created a team of memers and bots to boost promotion of the film. Regardless of if Netflix was launching memes or not as …

Woman holding a notepad

Dissecting Chrysler’s Pacifica Advertisements.

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Knowing your target market is important and Chrysler is aware. For most moms out there, minivans are a way of life. They are easy to help transport children back and forth as well as being spacious enough for entire family trips. Chrysler recently released a new Pacifica Minivan that gives the Pacifica a new attitude. In order to market a sleeker version of a minivan, it was important to market towards the moms with a similar attitude. Moms that still want to remain youthful and fun. Chrysler hired actress Kathryn Hahn, who is known for her quirky personality, to star …

Whopper commercial photo

Geofencing Marketing | More Than a Mouthful | Velocity Agency

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Geofencing marketing is the practice of using global positioning or radio frequency identification to define a geographic boundary, and it’s being utilized more than ever! This week, Burger King made headlines with their latest marketing campaign. Beginning on Tuesday, consumers can open a newly revamped Burger King app and venture within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. This will trigger a deal within a geofence that allows them to order a whopper for one penny. Consumers are re-routed to the nearest Burger King location for pick up. This promotion has been named #WhopperDetour and will only run through December 12th. …

halloween marketing strategy

Getting The Most Out Of Your Halloween Marketing Strategy

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Halloween digital marketing campaigns are best when they feature storytelling. Brands typically plunge right into marketing their products and services for Halloween. Just last year, Halloween spending peaked at $9.1 billion in 2017 and this year, it’s expected to reach $10 billion. People are spending more money on decorations, candy, costumes and haunted house experiences than ever. Velocity Agency specializes in Digital Marketing and we know social media. Here are some ways that successful brands have created great social media campaigns. Decorating your social media profiles Your social media profile is your digital storefront. You can spruce up your social …

Victoria's Secret marketing

Victoria’s Secret Marketing Isn’t a Secret Anymore

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Victoria’s secret may be out of the bag! The lingerie industry is going through a massive change. Rail-thin models are being replaced with a variety of body types as self-acceptance and natural beauty are replacing the norms of the past. This new attitude is threatening to everything that Victoria’s Secret’s marketing is known for. Aerie pioneered a movement when it abandoned photoshop in 2014 and launched a campaign called #AerieREAL. It has advertised women that have other body types beyond the thin models that are usually showcased. However, there has been a shift in the demographic as well. Women say …

Five New Marketing Trends

Five New Marketing Trends

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Velocity is always monitoring the trends in the marketing world and adapting. Here are five new marketing trends to be looking out for this year.   Branded Podcasts The best way to capture a millennial’s attention is through their ears. This is why so many brands ranging from GE to Tinger are utilizing branded podcasts. 67 million people over the age of 12 listen to podcasts each month. Attention spans are hard to capture, yet 85% of those who listen to podcasts listen to them in their entirety.   Chatbots Chatbots respond to texts or digital chats and carry on …