Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


Without the influx of creative ideas, marketing strategies can lack the energy and inspiration to move businesses forward. Creative marketing captures the audience and helps your brand stand out from the rest. To be truly creative, it takes an experienced and forward thinking collaboration of professionals to keep the audience’s attention on your product, service, or offering. Your creativity differentiates you from the competition and crowd by highlighting all the aspects of your business that make it so special.
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Creative Concepting

A creative concept is a big overarching idea that captures audience interest, influences them emotionally, and inspires them to take action. A creative concept is embodied in a headline, tagline, or a key visual. Successful creative concepts are distinctive, memorable, unifying and relevant. Velocity Agency understands that a creative concept is not just a layout or design, but a truly original idea. Our creativity allows our clients to showcase the features that make their businesses, products and services so innovative and valuable.
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Coming up with compelling and convincing copy can be a challenge. Crafting an intriguing narrative or writing a moving testimony requires a deft hand and even more masterful editing. Even when the concept for the copy is great, the execution can be hampered by grammatical mistakes. Luckily, Velocity Agency is here to help. Our expert team of copywriters has the years of experience necessary to capture the attention of your desired audience.
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Media is how you get to a personal interaction with your target audience. With commercials in any form, you only get a brief moment to get your point across. A ground-breaking marketing video has to be captivating and dynamic, and none of that is possible without a script that can reach and grab even the most passive listeners and viewers. We work with our clients to create a powerful marketing concept and integrate that message into all the facets of your marketing plan, including every last word of your script.
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Art Direction

Art in the advertising industry refers to any picture or visual element that accompanies an advertisement. Those practicing compelling art direction in a marketing strategy create the visual concept of an advertisement and work closely with the designers to implement that vision. Our experienced team brainstorms how to visually represent a product or service and stays in constant communication with creative directors and account management to ensure that the creative style is in line with our concept and your vision.