Without a doubt Velocity’s team is our best asset

HD Production

Velocity’s origins stem from the legendary production company Berning Marketing & Productions. Velocity knows that no other format can communicate a message as effectively as video can. While post-production might be where the final product is put together, the final product is only as good as the content that goes into it. That’s why, when you need to reach an audience and make an impression, whether it be through a TV spot, video pre-roll or informational film, it helps to have HD production experts on your side to clearly capture your message.


If HD Video production is the process of capturing a compelling story, storyboarding is how Velocity helps decide how to tell your story. Velocity does this for every shoot because we want to know what we’re doing on set before we get there. As a result our team can shoot more efficiently, knowing where we’re going next before we even get there. In short, our expert team storyboards your shoots so you can get the most out of your time and money.
Music video shoot

4K Production

Technology never stops evolving and neither does Velocity Agency. Just as the world has gotten comfortable with 1080p HD technology, a new piece of tech has hit the scene. 4K video offers roughly 4 times the picture quality and clarity of 1080p by quadrupling the number of pixels (essentially units that display a piece of the whole picture) available. 4K technology is quickly catching on, with most movies and even many YouTube videos available at the new resolution. Velocity Agency has been producing 4K videos since the inception of the technology and we’re happy to share our talents with you to make your story come to life.
Robert Berning Sr.

Director, Producer, Crew

Your director, producer and crew are the bones of your HD Production. They hold everything together and shape the vision. That’s why Velocity doesn’t skimp on your production team. Our CEO, Robert “Trey” Berning III has been part of almost every shoot we’ve done for the past 35 years. He grew up on set and has spent 3 decades learning the trade and honing his skills. Without a doubt Velocity’s team is our best asset and as Velocity’s director, Trey has overseen countless shoots. With an eye for detail and a production crew he grew up with, his expertise on set and behind the desk have brought Velocity’s clients immeasurable value. If you need a director, producer and crew to complete your shoot, don’t settle for anything less than a bonafide expert.
Film set

Cameras, Lighting, Sound

At Velocity, we don’t cut corners and we don’t spend your money renting equipment. When Velocity shows up on site, we bring everything with us right there and then. Cameras, lighting, sound and more is all handled by our ace production team. With Velocity, you’ll never be waiting on other companies to coordinate equipment, because Velocity takes care of everything.
Testimonial shoot

Casting, Wardrobe, Props

Our team handles every aspect of your production from start to finish. That includes casting the perfect talent to give your script a voice, dressing them appropriately and filling in the scene with props to convey the themes and messages of your production. Need a full suit of armor for a medieval themed shoot? We have one, sword and all! With Velocity Agency you can rest assured that our team will handle every aspect of your production with professionalism and careful consideration.
Table full of food


Even with all the prep in the world to help manage the time spent on set, shoots can still take a while. In those hungry hours where we’re getting through the meat of the work, it helps to have food available for everyone from the talent to the crew. That’s why Velocity has spent years cultivating relationships with vendors across the state and country to provide every shoot with high quality food to fuel everyone’s creativity.
Camera drone


Need a new angle? Velocity’s commitment to cutting edge technology doesn’t end with 4K video production. We’re on top of the latest trends such as aerial photography and drone videography. Perfect for long sweeping shots, unusual angles and hard to reach destinations; our drones can capture your idea from a bird's eye view. Be sure to take a look at "Our Work" to learn more about our aerial photography capabilities!
Duct Tape store main floor


Location scouting might not seem like the most glamorous task but Velocity’s team is as committed to it as any other aspect of our HD production services. Your idea can be great, the script can be great, the talent can be amazing and the crew can be out of this world - but if the location doesn’t look good on camera, it’s all a wash. Velocity’s industry connections allow us to obtain permits for the most exclusive locations so we can deliver you nothing less than the best possible content for your video.


Not every HD production needs to be shot in the great outdoors. Velocity boasts a 18,000 square ft. indoor studio for all production needs. Our studio allows us to film a variety of shoots right here on Papworth avenue. From bi-weekly TV shows to ads and film, we’ve done it all in our studio. If you need a studio for your shoot, don’t hesitate to contact Velocity Agency.
Airplane wing

Travel, Lodging, Insurance

Depending on the location that the script calls for, you may find yourself in need of travel, lodging and insurance for your shoot. Velocity has been tackling these for over 40 years and we’re proud to be able to offer sensible travel and transportation with safe lodging and insurance to cover any worst case scenarios. Velocity doesn’t just call itself a full service marketing agency; we live and breathe it. Our years of expertise and the assets under our management allow us to offer a complete HD production package from start to finish. Whatever you need for a shoot, we’ve got the experience to make it happen just like you envisioned it.