Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


Communicating with prospective clients and keeping up to date with your dedicated patronage is one of the biggest parts of keeping a business running smoothly. Velocity Agency’s boundless ability to customize and keep your clients updated with information about what is going on within your company, upcoming changes or events that may affect the clientele, and managing content within your websites is a pride of ours. We’re here to get your customers to go beyond purchasing your product. Velocity wants to help you and your customers interact more to build trust and loyalty for your brand!
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E-Blasts are a direct marketing strategy used to engage with all of your clients at one time by sending useful information straight to their email address. While this may sound like spam, there are important differences to note. An effective email blast will actually attempt to offer value to the reader, whereas spam is essentially junk. Additionally, spam is sent randomly to a mass of email addresses with no particular rhyme or reason behind who they send it to; with a business e-blast, the whole idea is to target people that would be interested in the topic. Velocity’s specialists work hard at database acquisition to ensure that your emails reach only those customers interested in you and your product!
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Custom Websites

The creative staff here at Velocity works together to build a website that is specific to the message your company wants to portray to your consumers. Velocity’s custom websites are optimized for specific keyword phrases as well as reaching an appropriate word count for each page to ensure that content is presented in a structured manner and customized to appeal to your key audience. Of course, we wouldn’t be Velocity Agency if that’s where our expertise ended. If you need custom functionality such as a web store, maps, store locators and just about anything else, our expert web developers can make it happen!
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Custom Landing Pages

A landing page is the first page that a potential customer sees after clicking on your ad in a search engine. It is critical to continue the message that was expressed in the ad through to the landing page. These pages engage your potential customers and provoke the desired action to increase the conversion rate of website visitors to buying customers. Velocity is skilled at crafting engaging landing pages that display a continuity of message while also drawing in the reader.
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Custom Mobile Apps

Before the launching of your mobile app, Velocity will work to understand the motives and ideas for the app. For one of our golf clients, we created an asset to the patrons of the golf courses by giving them an aerial view of the courses as well as video tutorials for each hole on both courses. Whatever your business or idea may be, we will create an app that engages with your clients and gives them additional information to succeed in their ventures.
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Social Media Management

Velocity’s team of highly experienced and certified digital marketers will establish a social media presence for your company and maintain the pages as an outlet for clients and prospective customers alike to visit and engage with your business. By having Velocity manage your social media sites, you are certain to see an increase in clicks, engagement and traffic to your professional sites!
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Interactive Video-Brochure

Plain, boring paper brochures are out. Enter interactive video brochures. These are a new way to present your company to prospective clients and include more information about yourself instead of printing words that are often skimmed over. Our interactive video brochures capture the attention of your audience and keep their interest through the duration of the video. By selectively targeting the recipients of these high end brochures, Velocity can help get information about your business onto the desk of major CEO’s and board members. We want the highest level of customer paying the highest level of attention to you and your brand.
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When you’re trying to engage a customer, it can often be easier to make them reach out to you than it is to reach out to them. With the help of promotions and giveaways, Velocity can ensure that your customers are clamoring to come to you and not the other way around. The intention is to raise a customer's interest and influence a purchase and to make a particular product or company stand out among its competitors. Promotional giveaways we have done for clients such as Mercedes-Benz of Mobile have netted thousands of likes and dramatic increases in sales and brand awareness.
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