The Harmon Brothers Effect

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Every so often, there comes an ad that is plain weird. As weird as it is, it resonates and more than likely you will remember the brand. The Harmon Brothers have crafted a genius marketing strategy that has revolutionized the use of viral videos to sell products. They are the masterminds behind Squatty Potty, PooPourri, and Purple Mattress. Here at Velocity Agency, we are not too proud to admit when other advertising agencies hit the bullseye with their marketing strategies. Velocity Agency is continually researching what advertisements miss the mark and what advertisements are sparking conversations, and we use that …

Welcome Seth Wiley!

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We are so excited to introduce you to our new Creative Director! Seth Wiley is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana and grew up with southern and traditional values. His parents always allowed him to express himself through art and told him he could be whatever he wanted to be. They encouraged his love for art and music, so the creative juices were flowing at a very young age.  Seth attended college at ULL and majored in Visual Arts where he became classically trained in painting, drawing, animation and other media. After college, Seth worked at Vidox Image and Data in Lafayette …

Velocity Agency’s Family Values

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People can do amazing things when they combine their powers. At Velocity Agency, we believe in teamwork. Unfortunately, many other companies think that they work as a team even when they don’t see each other at all. We know that by understanding who our team members are, knowing their strengths, and forging an environment where everyone works in harmony, we can achieve your marketing goals. Here are the reasons why Velocity Agency stands apart from the rest: Company Outings The brain is a complex muscle with thousands of neurons and tiny nerves. Mental workouts and brain games strengthen psychological power. However, …

All About Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest has helped you make tons of delicious meals, complete DIY projects, and throw great parties but many people miss the mark entirely when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Just like with any social media platform, Pinterest can help you reach your goals and objectives if you use it correctly. Here are some helpful tips to boost your brand with the power of Pinterest. Keywords Pinterest has very strong search capabilities. You can help even more people find your business by using keywords in the board titles. Make sure that you select a category for each board to help people …

Public Relations Managers

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Superheroes in Disguise Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public and is commonly shortened and referred to as PR. A career in PR involves gaining understanding and support for your clients and trying to influence opinion and positive behaviors. You may have heard somebody say “that’s great PR” about a commercial for a brand, or a donation to a charity from a washed up celebrity. One of the most important duties of  Public Relations managers is crisis management. In 1996, Odwalla Good’s apple juice was contaminated with E.coli resulting in …

Inc. 5000 Recognizes Velocity Agency As One of Fastest Growing Companies in America

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Velocity Agency is honored to be recognized on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies in America and named as one of the top 15 companies in Louisiana. Congratulations to the team at Velocity! We are tremendously proud of this achievement!

Velocity Agency Recognized as Best Digital Agency in Louisiana

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We are incredibly honored to announce that Velocity Agency was recognized as the Best Digital Agency in Louisiana! It was our dedication, teamwork, and revolutionary approach to helping clients achieve their goals that helped us achieve this honor.   Take a look at TMT News’ press release for more information.  

The Ever Growing Agency

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We’ve been growing so fast that we are now having to go back to introduce you to some of the new people who have joined us over the past few months.  Say “hello” to Josh. We are pleased to introduce to you Josh Spencer, the latest SEO Manager to join our team. Josh was born in Germany… yeah you read that correctly, Germany! In 2000 Josh and his family relocated to Massachusetts. It was a big move for Josh but one that would eventually lead him to us. When it came time to go to college Josh decided to pack …