TV Spots

Television, like no other media outlet, allows you to put an attention-grabbing audio-visual message in front of a massive audience, while also allowing you to target specific markets and demographics that are most important to your business. The demographic information for TV that Velocity has available is based off of decades of Nielsen data that carefully maps market locations, market interests, market shifts, and market trends. Velocity understands that when you buy TV ad space, you are buying a reliable, accurate and attentive audience. With so many options to stream television shows in other places, those choosing to watch the original runs of any show, event or newscast are those dedicated to the content and paying attention to every second.
When you have such an attentive audience at your disposal, it is important to make the most out of your 15 - 60 seconds in front of them.
TV showing a Burger King commercial
Velocity Agency is a full-service marketing agency that can handle every aspect of your TV advertising campaign, from conception, to storyboarding, casting, production, and placement. Our creative team will get together, create a story concept, and a script that meets your approval and passes it on to our production team for filming and editing. Once our production team has capped off a project, our expert media planners help place your spots in the shows, games, and films that capture your audience's attention.
If you need to place TV advertisements, choose a marketing agency that will help you reach your target audience with ease. Our media team has decades of experience working with stations across the country, and our relationships can open doors for your advertising opportunities. Velocity Agency will get you more than effective ad placement; Velocity will get you an amazing deal. With Velocity’s years of experience, our team knows how to use TV spot placement to reach a wide audience that meets your customer profile, and how to leverage those relationships to reach that audience in a cost-effective manner. Call Velocity Agency today and learn more about what our team can do for you and your business!