“Traditional advertising is dying” warn the doomsday prophets of marketing. Many seem convinced that the digital revolution has rendered anything physically printed entirely useless from an advertising perspective since people’s eyes have become glued to their phones. Velocity knows this is not true, especially for one form of traditional advertising. Outdoor advertising, i.e., billboards. When consumers spend most of their time staring at their phones, the easiest way to reach them is to place Velocity’s carefully designed ads in a location where they cannot look at those devices - by the side of the road.
At Velocity Agency, we will help you with every step of the outdoor billboard process. From the conception of the idea to the actual design to the strategy, all the way to the final placement.
Bus stop billboard mockup
However, here at Velocity Agency, we would not be who we are if our work stopped there. We ensure that you will get the full value of the advertising dollars you spend. Recently, a vendor had failed to trim the trees around a billboard Velocity had placed. Velocity fought for the client, and as a result, the trees were cut and compensation of additional time free of charge for the value missed with the untrimmed trees. On average, people spend about 20 hours per week traveling and cover more than 200 miles per week. This means that there is ample time for all of your customers to be exposed to all sorts of billboard and sign advertising. 72% of billboard viewers frequently shop on their way home from work and are making their shopping decisions while they are in the car. By capturing these consumers in a place where they cannot look away, you can have their undivided attention.
There is a good reason why outdoor boards are still a core part of Velocity’s business as a digital marketing agency. Simply put; they work. If you are looking to have eye-catching outdoor billboards designed for your business, look no further than the expert billboard designers at Velocity Agency. From design to placement, we will handle every concern and ensure that you get the full value of every cent you invest in the venture. Velocity Agency has an experienced team that can put your brand in the spotlight through premier outdoor advertising.