The marketing films that Velocity produce are powerful tools that need to be in your arsenal. Our marketing films have the power to move any movie or brand forward. Film marketing campaigns compel your audience and potential clients to not only notice you but remember you. Our staff has decades of industry experience. Many of our staff members spent years in Hollywood working on major film projects before bringing their knowledge and experience to us.
Visually, our marketing films clearly communicate more information at a faster speed than any other form of media.
Lightbulb in a director chair
When the term “marketing film” is used, it can refer to several different final products. It can be a trailer that is shown to audiences after the film is completed or it can refer to a short progression that is created before the real film has shot its first scene. The marketing film in this instance is a tool shown to producers hoping to procure their investment so that the film can begin production. By taking special care to find the right imagery or special effects sequence, Velocity will create a marketing film that will have most investors jumping to be involved in.
When a new film is made, it needs to be promoted just like a business or product needs to be advertised. Marketing films help digitize the treatment of the film. They showcase the feel and look that you are trying to portray through your film. The idea is to give consumers a taste of the laughs, special effects, and plot twists of the studio's upcoming release while leaving them wanting more. With new promotional avenues becoming available online every day, the opportunity now exists to build an audience from day one of production on a film. This sets a quicker path to wide distribution and maximizes the film’s chance of success. Velocity Agency brings a combination of industry experience, creative capabilities, social media savvy, and strategic expertise to build a well-rounded campaign for the film, from early on in the production process through to post-release.