Imagine the scene: you’re at important conference making small talk with several potential clients. The conversation is going well, and you think your business has the tools to affect real change for these decision makers. All of a sudden, the conversation begins to draw to a close. You reach into your pocket and hand them a bland piece of white cardboard stock with a small logo and your number. They never call. Velocity’s custom designed business cards will ensure that this is never the scenario for your brand.
A good business card is:
  • Clear and concise
  • Informative
  • Memorable
Business cards mockup
It is true that there is nothing quite as important as the first impression you make upon a potential client. However, your business card is how they will remember that conversation. When the decision makers you hope will remember you dig through their wallet, will they remember that vibrant conversation based on a plain business card that looks exactly like every other piece of cardboard stock they have been handed over the past two months? The answer is obvious and is also the exact reason why it is critical to have thoughtfully designed business cards in your arsenal.
Think of the business card as the knockout blow of a prize fight. Yes, you can’t win without everything leading up to it, but that last punch, in this case, the business card, is what everyone will remember the fight by. A good business card is a roadmap to opportunity and could lead you to a great new job, business partnership, or directly help your business make money. If you are looking for a company to design compelling and unique business cards for you or your business, look no further. We have years of experience designing business cards that range from traditional to innovative. For example, did you know it is possible to integrate a USB with data into a credit card sized business card? Just let the experts at Velocity design you a business card that stands out from the rest and gets you noticed!