Surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Not long ago, Black Friday was a one-day event. Now, Black Friday sales seem to last an entire season. Brands launch sale days in advance and stretch out the holiday shopping season as long as possible. Some shoppers seem to be losing interest in Black Friday. There has been a 72% decrease in social media conversations about Black Friday since 2012. While Black Friday is on the decline, the internet is favoring Cyber Monday. The decline in Black Friday is due mostly to the negative presence on social media. More than half of the conversations on social media surrounding Black Friday have had a negative connotation. Whether you choose to embrace Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the pressure is on to compete with nearly every other brand in the country. So, with so much pressure to be at your peak performance, how can you win the holiday season?

Here are some strategies that can make your holiday marketing flourish:

  • Revisit Last Year’s Data
    • It’s important to look back at last year’s data and monitor keywords, contents, promotions, traffic and conversions. You should know what the behavior of your consumers was the previous year to create the best marketing plan in the current year.
  • E-Blasts
    • Email marketing is still a strong weapon in your arsenal. It is responsible for 27% of holiday sales. Your e-blasts should be simple, include a special offer, extend your sale and eye-catching.
  • Social Media
    • Using social media should be an obvious strategy for Black Friday. Just like with e-blasts, you can share coupons, promotions, deals and contests on all social media platforms.
  • Paid Ads
    • Facebook ads are extremely effective. They have the potential to reach target audiences instead of reaching one that will likely not purchase your product.
  • Target Millennials
    • Millennials spend the most money in our current economy. Make them a part of your brand’s strategy! You should experiment with social media, write valuable content and be honest in all of your ads. Millennials love to be a part of your brand, so allow them to co-create content.
  • Mobile Optimization
    • More than 70% of adults in the US own a smartphone. Your business should be smartphone friendly so that customers can access coupons or promotion codes.
  • Video Content
    • Stand out among all of the scary black Friday footage that has gone viral in the past years. Generating video content that is fun and creative will entice your consumers as well as drive more traffic to your site.

Velocity Agency has helped our clients succeed year-round, but we know how to make a promotion stand above the rest. Don’t let your business get left behind! Contact our highly skilled and professional marketing team so that we can help you have the happiest holiday for your brand yet.

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