Velocity’s media team has decades of experience planning, negotiating and placing projects


While Velocity’s strategy, creative, production and post-production work gives your project that polished feel, it is the resources available to you in Velocity’s media department that maximize your return on investment. By carefully planning, negotiating and placing your project, our media team allows your project to be viewed by the maximum number of qualified candidates for your product or service.
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The media team works with your project by beginning with careful planning. By mapping out your customers demographics, their habits, and the most effective ways to reach them, the Velocity media team ensures that your project does not waste a single impression.
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The real value of having an experienced media team pushing your project comes during the negotiation phase of the project flow. Over decades of experience, our team has built valuable relationships with stations around the country. By leveraging those connections and relationships on your behalf, we are able to add value to your project by having the station run the projects at discounted prices not attainable to normal customers.
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Of course, we do not stop at the negotiation phase. By following the detailed plan the media team builds during the beginning phase of their work with your project, they know where and when to place your project for the maximum return on investment. From TV, to radio, to social media, Google, highly trafficked websites and beyond, the Velocity media team will place your project in front of the maximum number of qualified prospects at the best possible price.
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With the wide range of marketing opportunities available today, optimizing the value of campaigns has never been more important. Consequently, holding media properties accountable and making sure clients are receiving full value has become an area of focus for Velocity Agency. Adding up the potential for errors, missed make-goods and other issues, the shoring up of the reconciliation process is “low hanging fruit” for cost savings and more efficient work processes. That’s why Velocity has a division of the media department solely devoted to reviewing all billing to ensure that you are receiving the full value of your earned dollars.
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The posting process is another valuable mechanism that the media department utilizes to ensure that no dollar goes wasted. By comparing the actual ratings of programs your ads ran on to the projected ratings, the media team ensures that you receive ‘make-goods’ as compensation for rating points missed. For Example, if your ad was set to run during the Saints game on Sunday, but viewership was down that week due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive compensation in the form of additional ad runs from the station thanks to the Velocity media team’s diligence.
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Velocity believes in showing the efficacy of our work flows. That’s why the media department works tirelessly every month to bring you detailed reports that prove the value of our work and that your return on investment has been maximized. Velocity’s advanced reporting structure allows us to show you detailed data on every available metric. Whatever you want to know about your campaign with Velocity, our media team will be able to provide you the answers.
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Velocity’s geo-targeting capabilities are second to none in the industry. Thanks to the technology at Velocity’s disposal and the media team’s decades of experience, Velocity is able to accurately map out where your potential customers live, commute, work and spend their free time. By mapping out the average potential customer’s location through their day to day life, Velocity is able to selectively place the ads to reach those potential customers and only them.
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Velocity couldn’t maximize your return on investment if our media team didn’t ensure that impressions were never wasted on customers who are not interested in your product. With decades of experience geo-targeting our client’s ads, Velocity uses advanced geofencing technology to ensure that the ads never run where potential customers will not see them.