Folgers Coffee shoot
One of the most frustrating moments for a customer receiving a brand new product is when they pull out the directions. Often the instructions are incompletely written, written poorly, or just plain non-existent. How often have you personally bought a product and not understood the included instructions?
When it comes to dealing with a product, consumers may not understand the right way to utilize it. Why not show them the right way? By using instructional videos like the one Velocity produced for Folgers to instruct new employees on factory safety, you have the opportunity to showcase your product even before the consumer buys it. You want your customers to understand how your product or services compare to others in the market. If they don’t agree to buy right away, you want them to remember your unique selling proposition.
Folgers Coffee shoot
Velocity Agency doesn’t want you to get lost in a sea of confusing instructions: we want to provide clear and concise instructions that help your customers achieve their goals.
Our team at Velocity not only focuses on your product, we engage with your product to learn for ourselves and how to correctly explain to consumers how and why to use your product. One of the biggest problems with writing an instructional guide is that they are often written by people who are already familiar with the product. It can’t be assumed that the consumer already owns a similar product, or is even savvy at assembling products, should your merchandise need assembly. But what if the customer is new to your product?
Another problem is that the instructions may be written by someone who is not a writer. While a writer is trained to communicate clearly using words that can be understood by everyone, the technician who writes the instructions is trained to write instructions meant for another technician. Fortunately for your company, Velocity Agency’s team of writers are concise and clear when writing instructions and showing the correct way to use your product. From live webinars to cooking shows, we’ll help guide the way, whatever your product is!