St Tammany Parish Assessor

Velocity Agency is proud to have a long-standing working relationship with the St. Tammany Parish Assessor’s Office. As a client, the Assessor’s Office has trusted Velocity to provide a range of marketing services, including website design and development, commercial production, and search engine optimization. One of the key factors that has made our working relationship so successful is our ability to understand the unique needs of the Assessor’s Office. We have taken the time to develop a deep understanding of their brand, messaging, and target audience all while working closely with their team to ensure that our marketing strategies align …

Lamarque Ford

The relationship Velocity Agency and Lamarque have built extends back decades. Velocity has produced numerous award-winning campaigns for the Lamarque Motor Company; helping it earn the title “#1 Ford Dealer in the State of Louisiana”. By collaborating with our team’s creative efforts and Ronnie Lamarque’s acting and vocal talents, Velocity was able to conceptualize and ultimately realize famous campaigns such as “Most Ordinary Man” and “Believe”. Both campaigns have helped Lamarque become one of the most recognized names in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Recently, through multiple mediums/efforts such as PPC, social media, TV, Radio and so much more, …

Baggett McCall Law Firm

Velocity Agency’s work with Baggett McCall has utilized every service that we offer. After an initial marketing consultation, Baggett McCall turned over their marketing operations to our expert team, thus igniting a relationship that resulted in the firm having tremendous top-of-line growth. Velocity Agency has and continues to concept, shoot, edit and place TV, radio, print, and digital ads for the firm. Velocity also built the Baggett McCall website with custom animations and designs; and continues to drive traffic to it using our expert skills in SEO and SEM.00:3100:31


Velocity Agency’s work extends beyond traditional marketing services. From editing and production to direction and casting, Velocity helped put together some of the famous rap artist G-Eazy’s most critically acclaimed music videos. In 2012, Velocity Agency was contracted for production services and studio rentals for the G-Eazy music videos for “Plastic Dreams” and “Been On”. The videos have garnered over 80 million views on Youtube and reached fans around the globe.04:0903:31

Flambeau Fest

The Flambeau Fest project made it’s debut in 2018. Velocity was responsible for all of the promotional content as well as the marketing strategy. Being the first year of the festival, it was vital to leave an imoression that would last a lifetime. From building a custom website complete with unique videos and animations to publishing posters, buying billboards and channeling traffic to the website through banner and display ads; Flambeau Fest was able to launch as a huge success and is scheduled to continue in the Gonzales area annualy.00:3100:31