At Velocity Agency, we pride ourselves in balancing our work on the very cutting edge of technology. That’s why we offer innovative technology to our clients, including the capability to produce 360 virtual tours of any area. Think of it as a custom Google Street View for your business, venue, or location. Let your customers immerse themselves in your business with the help of Velocity Agency and the technical assistance of our aerial photography division, V-Drone Pro.
In the era of the internet and viral marketing, where the customer experience comes first, there is hardly any other more engaging marketing tool than virtual tours. Virtual tours make this time a more engaging experience by giving control to the user. These days potential clients are used to seeing what they want and when they want with streaming media. Virtual Tours are the natural progression in this user choice experience movement. Using the internet to reach a greater number of potential buyers or clients is not a novelty anymore. Statistics from the real estate market clearly show that potential buyers spend as much as two-thirds of their time on the internet before actually buying. The real estate market already knows how important and advantageous to clients a virtual tour can be.
360º camera
At Velocity Agency, we want to help our clients capture and showcase their products and services in a new light. We can help you capture events or products from a new perspective that you could only dream about before. Whether you need aerial images, video, or even a 360° view we have you covered. With cutting edge equipment like aerial drones we can capture stunningly clear high-resolution 360° views regardless of conditions and bring a new perspective to any presentation. It’s time to give control to your clients and let them experience every angle of your event or business!
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360˚ Virtual Tours bring a new dimension of interactivity to any project.