As the younger generation gets older, older generations adopt more technology into their day to day lives


In a world that has connected customers with their favorite brands and companies, it has never been more important to focus on ensuring that the interactive aspects of your company's web presence function properly and represent your business well. Imagine a client searching for your products on his phone, clicking to your website and having the text display at the same size it does on a computer screen. It is absolutely critical that details of this nature are carefully considered. Luckily, the Velocity team of interactive experts is here to help you iron out these inefficiencies!
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Web Development

These days, having a top notch website is non-negotiable for any business. According to the industry publication AdWeek, 81% of customers research products and services online before making a purchase decision. With so many customers going online to scrutinize your products and services, it is incredibly important to present yourself well. With the help of the expert web developers at Velocity Agency, a new, more navigable and visually appealing website is right around the corner. Don’t lose another potential customer to a website that doesn’t mean the highest web development standards.
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Having a beautiful and well thought out website is one thing, but driving traffic to it is an entirely different challenge. When customers research products and services online, they do so using search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of tweaking website content, meta tags and formatting in order to make your website more friendly to the algorithms these search engines use to determine where to rank web pages for different search results. Furthermore since most customers don’t investigate the search results past the first page of the results page, it is vital to your website’s traffic that you rank among the top 10 results for search terms related to your business.
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Organic Social

With 91% of brands already active on more than one social media platform, you cannot afford to fall behind. Your customers, especially younger ones, likely spend several hours a day on various social media platforms. Organic social not only has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than paid marketing but is also one of the most cost effective marketing techniques available. Thanks to economies of scale, Velocity is able to redistribute the value of the many social media management tools at our disposal to you. We create a powerful and effective social media strategy plan for our clients to increase their success. Your customers are already talking about you online, so hire Velocity to make sure that you can talk back and let the conversation evolve.
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Mobile App Development

As the younger generation gets older and older generations adopt more technology into their day to day lives, app usage is skyrocketing. For many businesses this provides an amazing opportunity to connect their business to the users daily routine with well planned and executed mobile app development. The number one focus of mobile app development is user experience. By building a friendly environment where consumers can interact with your brand and business, alone you can create an engaging application that helps give your customers what they want in an easy and personalized manner.
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Site Mapping

Getting an overview of a large site can be a challenge when you have hundreds of pages. Sitemaps are advanced models of a website's hierarchical page structure. By visualizing the layout of your website's content you can discover inefficiencies in the layout of your pages and effectively plan how to integrate new content. Velocity’s web development team has decades of experience site mapping a diverse portfolio of websites.
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Mobile Responsive Web Development

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and other web connected devices, mobile internet usage is on the rise. Comscore found that smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60 percent of all online traffic. With so much traffic coming from mobile devices and the percentage of traffic coming from these devices rising every year, your business can’t afford to forget to optimize its content for mobile delivery. With Velocity at your side, you’ll never have to worry about images not scaling to the different sizes of the many smartphones and tablets available on the market today, or text not displaying properly.
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Wire Framing

Wire framing is the process of laying out the page structure for a website. It differs from site mapping in that site mapping gives you a layout of how pages relate to each other in terms of links while wire framing gives you the bones of the website’s visual layout. Velocity’s web development experts have years of experience creating unique and visually appealing website designs. If you need a website layout built for your business, contact Velocity Agency!