It's difficult to find original music composition in a world of sampling. Velocity Agency brings award-winning success and years of experience to all mediums of our full-service production company. We effectively merge hit songwriting, record quality production and innovative advertising, into a unique viewing experience. We go above and beyond to offer the full production package here at Velocity Agency. We not only produce visual media: we produce the audio to go along with it as well. We create outstanding musical scores using real musicians and detailed arrangements with the help of our cutting edge production studio and equipment. This gives every composition-- no matter what genre it may be-- the magic, emotion, and energy required to enhance the consumer’s viewing experience, and bring the values and identity of the program, film, or brand to life.
From concept to creation, the creative team at Velocity are meticulous at every stage of the composing process. To begin, a conversation is had on the styles, tone, and emotions that you want to be showcased in your piece. We involve you in the development from the beginning. Allowing you to participate in the process and have your say before we begin live recording and more in-depth production. Velocity Agency has access to a roster of talented vocalists and musicians, all with decades of experience. As well as state of the art recording equipment, software and techniques. From jazz to blues, and rock to orchestral, Velocity can create the sound to reach your audience. No matter what you are looking for, we provide a premium product and quality sound to create a fresh and unique auditory experience. Velocity offers its clients a one-stop shop with a highly talented team that are ready for any creative challenge. Let us show you the sound you've been looking for.
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