Despite what you may have heard, the video did not “kill the radio star.” As other technologies have emerged, radio audiences have remained relatively steady with a strong and loyal base of listeners that are well-defined. If you are looking for a marketing agency to help concept, produce, edit, and place your radio spots, look no further than Velocity Agency.
With the help of detailed knowledge about the demographics and audiences of stations around the country, Velocity Agency’s media team is ready to place your radio ad spots in intuitive time slots and stations to reach the best audience you can.
Velocity Agency knows that commuters are an especially valuable group of consumers who often elect to listen to the radio during their daily drives. These are consumers in a measurable age bracket, with steady listening habits and a high degree of purchasing power due to their employment status. As a result, targeted radio advertising offers you the opportunity to deliver a simple yet powerful message to a targeted group of consumers that may be interested in your product or service. Radio spots go through several essential stages of production before being placed. As a full-service marketing agency, Velocity Agency is equipped to handle all of these steps.
Our creative team will gather and produce several script options for your approval. Once approved, the team will hire the voice talent, organize a production schedule and have the production team execute it. The finished recording is then mastered by our edit team in one of several dedicated edit suites available on our campus. The final product goes through an approval and is then passed on to the media team for strategic placement. The media team leverages decades of experience and relationships to ensure that you receive the best value possible on a deal to broadcast your radio ad to a targeted group of consumers. Contact Velocity Agency today to learn more about what our expert team can do for you and your business!