Much like a print brochure, video brochures create a memorable impression of your promotion and brand. Velocity’s custom video brochures can be handed to targeted recipients, sent by mail, displayed at trade shows, shared in meetings, and left with representatives to give to decision makers who may be interested in your service or product. Our video brochures are packaged like traditional brochures with space for logos, QR codes, images and branding with extra room for printed testimonials, awards and advertising content.
When they are opened, they come to life in a way that is impressive and captivating to the viewer.
Digital brochure mockup
At Velocity Agency, our expert team is standing by to take care of every step of the video brochure design process. Our team starts with a detailed strategy session. By asking the right questions about what you need the video brochure to accomplish for you, our team can devise a concept for the brochure. Then, either by combining stock footage at our disposal with custom graphics and animations or by filming a wholly new video in either our 16,000 square foot soundstage or on location, Velocity edits and masters the video needed to make the brochure pop.
Armed with the concept and video, our designers go to work designing unique packaging to present the video in. Velocity also acquires the mini-tablets, assembles the brochure and does final quality control check. Then we either turn over the brochures to your business or mail them out for you. All your business has to worry about is final approval on the design! If you are looking for a marketing agency to design a custom video brochure for you and your business contact Velocity today. From conception to execution, Velocity Agency is with you every step of the way. Make the most of your advertising dollars and make sure that the customers that matter notice you. Call Velocity today to ask for a demo or a consultation on our many other advertising services!