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Our goal is simple, to make your brand the best that it can be. We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.

Our Team


Business Summary

Do you want to know the story behind the best New Orleans Digital Marketing Agency? Velocity Agency may have been founded in 2012, but our roots run much deeper than our 12 years on paper. The genesis of Velocity begins with the legendary New Orleans production company, Berning Marketing & Productions. For over 40 years, Robert Berning presided over a production empire that worked to elevate brands as diverse and influential as Northrop Grumman and Burger King.

After inheriting the company, Robert “Trey” Berning III decided it was time to expand the borders of his father’s business. New frontiers in advertising were being discovered and Velocity Agency was formed to explore what lies beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing. By surrounding the top levels of the new company with respected experts from a diverse array of fields, Robert Berning III was able to instill a culture of thought leadership that permeates every essence of Velocity’s work to this very day.

Our Work

Our professional team works tirelessly to ensure that Velocity remains on the cutting edge of technology. That is why Velocity was among the first advertising agencies to offer exclusive and high-tech services such as drone photo- and videography, 360-degree virtual reality, and video, and augmented reality. Velocity knows that the curve doesn’t wait for you, you have to get ahead of it.

Of course, Velocity wouldn’t be a true full-service digital marketing agency if high-tech marketing services were where our expertise ended. Velocity team members are highly skilled in all traditional and digital marketing fields including, but not limited to: Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Media Placement, Video Production, and 3D Animation.

If you are looking for a dynamic, high-energy, cutting-edge team to tackle your marketing, Velocity is the solution to your problem. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals is here to help bridge the gap between the vision you have for your company and the end results of the strategy you want to pursue.