Text message campaigns developed by Velocity Agency will allow your business to directly send campaigns to your customers and considering that most people do not leave their house without their phone, this makes your business prominent and unmistakable. With the steady year-over-year increase in smartphone users, text message campaigns are an incredibly powerful method of getting marketing messages to customers instantly and growing your audience base.
More than 18 billion text messages are sent every single day, and with 90% of those messages receiving a response, your business can’t afford to miss out on text message campaigns.
iPhone showing a locked screen
Velocity Agency knows that text message campaigns personify your brand or product. During this time where Millennials are the target market demographic, text messaging is a platform that everyone can understand. You may be wondering why emails alone won’t work, and it’s simple - most people either have a “junk” email they never check or don’t have time to check their primary email with busy lives. With Velocity’s help and the ease of a simple text message, customers are more likely to join loyalty programs, engage with your company, and share with their friends and family the great deals you have to offer, such as coupons, specials, current events, and any other information.
Velocity Agency can easily view inbound responses and track which messages are getting the most traffic and bringing more contacts onto your list. We will always incorporate an “opt-out” option, but with the experience and creativity, the team at Velocity Agency encompasses, consumers won’t want to miss anything your company has to share with them. Based on the data Velocity receives, our media team will continually polish and finesse the message of your text message campaign to maximize your return on your investment. If you are watching your wallet, never fear! Text message campaigns are extremely cost-effective and fair. When your business is ready to improve communication with consumers, give Velocity Agency a call!