At Velocity, we aim to put a camera where it's never been before, to immerse audiences in a real experience and to tell someone's story that wouldn't otherwise be told. The documentaries we produce serve as powerful tools that bring relevant topics to the table of discussion in a captivating way, while also informing audiences. They provide an opportunity to educate, connect, and allow us to see through another person’s eyes. Perspective is the thing that connects your audience to your subject. We understand this.
The stories we tell define who we are and how we see the world.
Camera showing a photo
Velocity Agency has the production experience to create moving experiences that will spark conversations and tell the stories that are hard to put into words and often push boundaries. Our attention to detail as well as our passion stands unmatched. We wrap our arms around your subject matter and then dive deep into the material, employing the top cinematographers, editors, and producers in their fields. Crafting visually stunning, and dramatically compelling films for our clients. Whether we are working on a documentary or a marketing video, we bring the enthusiasm and effort that demonstrates the highest level of quality and dedication to the craft.
At Velocity, curiosity drives us. The questions that come up and issues that need to be resolved are almost always identical regardless of the resources and or scale of the project. Velocity’s enthusiasm is the same regardless if it is a film we hope one day goes on to play in a theater, or on YouTube. Documentaries have the power to connect us to people, places, and a period of time we didn't get to experience. As a full-service marketing agency, Velocity can handle every aspect of your next big project from conception through realization and distribution.