Plain and boring paper brochures are out and interactive video brochures are in. These brochures are a new way to present your company to prospective clients and can include more information about yourself and your business in a format that is more engaging than simple printed words on paper stock.
Velocity Agency’s interactive video brochures capture the attention of your audience and keep their interest through the duration of the video by presenting important information with visually appealing graphics, sound and video. By selectively targeting the recipients of these high-end brochures, Velocity can help get information about your business onto the desks of major CEO’s and board members.
Interactive brochure mockup
We want the highest level of customers paying the highest level of attention to you and your brand.
To start an interactive video brochure project, the team at Velocity Agency begins with learning as much about your business and your customers as possible. The creatives on staff then gather and map out a strategy that targets these customers. Strategy in hand, a storyboard and script is developed and passed on for approval. From there, Velocity finds the necessary talent to execute the video concept, films the video, edits the video, constructs the brochures and mails them directly out to your customers. From start to finish, you can count on Velocity Agency to handle every necessary aspect of your interactive video brochure project. That is the simple and clear advantage of working with a true full-service marketing agency!
If you need to make an impression on industry leaders and executives, present them with a video brochure that will encourage them to actively engage with the information you wish to confer. Call Velocity Agency today to learn more about our interactive video brochures and all the other amazing things we can accomplish for you and your business!