Digital Dating: How We Market Ourselves

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We’ve all seen movies showing people from the 50’s dating.  A couple would share conversation over a milkshake at their local burger joint. People often dated their high school sweetheart or someone they met at their job during this time. At this point, media wasn’t frequently used to help people find their partner, but then came the 70’s. In 1975, 31-year-old Marilyn J. Applerberg became the editor of a publication known as Single News. Instead of meeting at the local church or in a classroom, people started to meet at singles bars or discos and by putting personal ads in physical …

mardi gras 2018

Mardi Gras 2018 Goes Mobile

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Mobile apps have revolutionized the way that we do everything. From ordering food to getting a ride, and getting a dog walker – everything can be done right from your phone! Mardi Gras is an especially exciting time of year. However, not all the moments of Mardi Gras are fun. Getting stuck in traffic, hunting down a parking space, and a spike in car accidents can put a great deal of stress on parade goers. Fortunately, mobile apps and websites have changed the way we do Mardi Gras too. Mardi Gras New Orleans Website This website has all the information …

Pushing Forward in Smartphone Marketing

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All Smartphone users are starting to notice something strange about their phones. You leave work on a regular workday; your phone alerts you that you are 12 miles from home and it’s ready to navigate you through the traffic. It gets even spookier! You go to the gym every Wednesday for a spin class, and before you leave, your phone has caught on that you are going to the gym. Don’t worry, your phone didn’t hear you cancel your plans with your friends because you are going to the gym. It’s all about location services. 30% of the smartphone-using population …