Velocity To Premiere New Products/Services at NIGA Tradeshow

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The gaming and entertainment industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing industries in the world. Velocity Agency is proud to be a marketing and advertising authority for this industry. Velocity has years of experience working with casinos to help modernize and streamline their advertising and marketing. With the gaming industry growing at such a fast rate, it is becoming imperative for casinos to utilize strategic marketing to define their brand and differentiate themselves from competitors. Velocity Agency has been working hard to create new products and services specifically meant to aid those in the gaming industry, and …

Digital Casino Marketing

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Let’s face it, marketing in the ad-saturated world of 2017 is difficult, but marketing a service that depends on people spending money with the risk of seeing no tangible return can seem almost impossible. However, just as the gaming industry has endured various periods of adjustment and difficulty in the past, gaming endures through and with the digital age. In years past, casinos often relied on the flashy styling of their gaming machines complete with graphics and flashing lights. Luckily for the gaming industry, the internet and digital casino marketing are perfectly suited to continue this tradition of flash and glamour. Nevertheless, it …

Medical Marketing: Fresh As Ever

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Marketing is an inescapable feature of the free market with millions of ads and promotions for various products flooding our everyday lives. Regardless of the industry, marketing is responsible for keeping businesses afloat; the medical field is no different. Despite the importance of health care, medical providers still need to rely on marketing to help attract new clients. While, the medical field can at times seem overly complex, medical marketing is just as susceptible to the latest digital trends. The Health of Health Care Marketing Like marketing any other product, medical marketing approaches the subject by isolating a product and …

Advertising Agencies & Your Business: An Important Relationship

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  When you think of your business’s advertising needs you might find yourself thinking about graphic design, print advertising, and TV commercials. However, it’s near impossible to obtain a high level of any of those things if you don’t have a good relationship with your advertising agency. “The benefit of having a long term relationship with a trusted production partner like Velocity, is that it offers us peace of mind that the show will consistently be well-produced…” The relationship between a business and the team that handles their advertising is almost as important as the actual advertising materials produced. Just …

The Power of Focus

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  My pastor recently sat down and had lunch with Jack Nicklaus, and he asked him how he became such a great golfer. Nicklaus said he actually wanted to play football when he was young, but realized his hands were too small to be a quarterback. He also wanted to run track, but he was too slow. It was through this process of elimination that he got to golf as the sport he was going to play. Nicklaus had many choices available to him, but he chose to focus on the one where he had the greatest chance of success. …


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Clients and potential clients continually ask me what industry is our specialty. From here, I know it is going to be an uphill battle in shifting perception. Lucky for me, shaping perception (for any industry) is my specialty. Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods (“CPG”), Retail, Travel, Tourism, etc. all face the same problems (opportunities). Almost all industries are becoming more consumer focused and experience-driven, which creates a consistent set of marketing needs across all industries. This means that we have to go back to a re-examination of the traditional 4-P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (one of those …

Bridging the Gap in Digital Marketing

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With the prominence and importance of online marketing in the marketplace today, the #1 question you may be asking about your company’s online efforts is, “am I doing it right?” Your website, social media, email marketing, online reputation, PPC, SEO, ….the list goes on and on…. are all so incredibly important right now that you may be losing sleep. If you are like most businesses you are counting every like, retweet, subscriber, click, follow, and positive Yelp review as an amazing personal victory! As well you should. These achievements are digital currency that can benefit your company in many ways. …

Epic Marketing Fails

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Sometimes, you’ll see an advertisement isn’t very well-thought-out. Maybe their placements are unfortunate (or is highly unfortunate), or their logo isn’t well designed (or is poorly designed). Every now and then, you’ll release an advertisement that you’ll regret immediately and will become the butt of jokes all over the internet. Below are some examples of what we would like to call Marketing Fails and why you should think, really, really hard, about making sure your ads convey the right message.

Why Non-Profits Should Utilize LinkedIn

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Oftentimes, a non-profit spending “too much money” will give it a bad rap. This is for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is the argument that non-profits need to limit their overhead costs in order to have more of the donation’s revenue left over to directly help the cause. In English, non-profits take some of the money that one donates (usually most of it) and use it to cover the costs of the business, such as payroll of employees. The perception is that advertising is another cost that will drain the amount of money left to contribute to the …