Building A Strategic Marketing Plan


Do you ever wonder why the locally produced video doesn’t look like the video in national commercials, shows, and movies? One of the main differences is often simply the cameras and lenses that are used in the production. High Definition is constantly evolving, and computers are getting smarter, faster, and cheaper. Velocity Agency knows that possessing a full understanding of the costs, processes, benefits, and challenges of working in HD is essential to your decision to upgrade the visual appeal of your commercials and ads.
Film reel

TV Commercials

Advertising on TV offers many benefits to businesses by incorporating sound, images, and movement to make the package interesting for consumers. TV commercials that capture the attention of the audience can start a conversation and send the clearest and most powerful message to potential customers. TV commercials can communicate with a very large audience and work well to attract attention and generate awareness. Velocity Agency has over 40 years of experience generating national quality TV commercials for brands as diverse and powerful as Northrup Grumman and Burger King.
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Camera on a tripod


Documentaries films are an in-depth and informative resource for viewers making them a perfect platform to create dialogue. Documentaries serve as powerful tools that bring important topics to the table in a captivating way. They provide an opportunity to understand, connect with the world, and allow us to see through another person’s eyes. Velocity Agency has the production experience to create moving documentaries that will spark conversations and tell the stories that are hard to put into words.
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Film set

Marketing Films

Film is a powerful tool in Velocity Agency’s arsenal and has the power to move any brand forward. Film marketing campaigns compel your audience and potential clients to not only notice you, but remember you. Visually, marketing films communicate more information at a faster speed than any other form of media. Contact us to learn more about how marketing films can help propel your brand.
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Music video shoot

Music Videos

Music videos as an art form are as important now as they’ve ever been. A significant part of our culture is our consumption of music, art, and entertainment. Music videos combine these elements making them an important piece of our visual language. With YouTube becoming the second biggest search engine after Google and the largest streaming music service worldwide, a great music video has the potential to have exponential reach. Music videos connect an artist and a listener as well as connecting a listener to an audience. If you’re an artist looking to reach a larger audience, Velocity Agency has a qualified production team that will produce a thrilling music video for your music.
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Testimonial shoot


Testimonials bring the social proof consumers are itching for before they purchase a product. In fact, studies have shown that hearing the stories of satisfied customers is a top purchase driver among consumers. The internet and mobile devices make it possible for consumers to access a wealth of information before they engage with a business. Consumers want reassurance that they are getting a good deal and testimonials make the product feel like a safer investment.
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Web Series

A web series is a series of scripted or non-scripted videos in episodic form that is released on the internet. A web series may be the first step in getting your TV pilot off of the ground for a more affordable price while building your audience and brand. Many web series have taken off and turned into notable TV productions. If you’re looking to start a web series, contact the professionals at Velocity Agency to help get your idea off the ground and into the web!
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