If you have watched a video anywhere on the internet, it’s likely you’ve seen a pre-roll ad. Pre-roll ads are short promotional clips that play before your selected content. While many people think this may sound like an annoying ad, you watch for five seconds until you can click “skip ad,” Velocity Agency is ready to break that stereotype. The data shows that video pre-roll is one of the most engaging advertising formats available to businesses and marketers, so it is crucial to execute them properly. We also understand that first impressions count. If your video doesn’t cut within those first five seconds, you’re left with wasted resources, such as money and time.
At Velocity, our goal is to effectively communicate what your business is trying to say while leaving a lasting impression within five seconds.
Man using a tripod camera
Although we want to create an ad that keeps the viewer watching, we understand the human feeling of “annoyed,” and it’s the creativity we have that will turn “annoyed” to “entertained.” We want viewers to want to watch your video and Velocity Agency doesn’t produce boring and stale ads.
Once our talented team of producers has created an unforgettable video, our expert media team carefully plans and places the pre-roll advertisements to maximize exposure to viewers fitting your customer profile. Having a great video will not work; you must show it to people who genuinely will care about your offerings. You wouldn’t advertise health insurance to children watching funny YouTube videos, would you? Velocity Agency has years of data and resources to help guide your marketing campaign to success. Velocity Agency is an agency that stands out amongst the rest by having an eye for detail and perfecting our work to the smallest component. When you’re ready to make your first impression count during a pre-roll ad, gives us a call today!