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Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

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Velocity Agency was recently recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country by the Silicon Review. A New Orleans-based Digital Marketing Firm, Velocity specializes in techniques, strategies, and branding initiatives that engage and influence their clients’ customers on every screen: smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, televisions, outdoor, and experiential. With a sophistication that grows almost daily alongside technological advances, Velocity Agency has the ability to create custom software solutions for clients and design advertising campaigns that can be tracked, analyzed and adjusted for the highest efficiency and highest rate of return on the client’s investment. The kind …

All About Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest has helped you make tons of delicious meals, complete DIY projects, and throw great parties but many people miss the mark entirely when it comes to Pinterest marketing. Just like with any social media platform, Pinterest can help you reach your goals and objectives if you use it correctly. Here are some helpful tips to boost your brand with the power of Pinterest. Keywords Pinterest has very strong search capabilities. You can help even more people find your business by using keywords in the board titles. Make sure that you select a category for each board to help people …

Learning About Storytelling from Found Footage Films

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The Blair Witch Project is still one of the most beloved horror movies of all time. On a budget of $60,000 and a grossing of $248.6 million, other filmmakers took note of the film and followed suit. The Blair Witch Project is an excellent example of found footage: a subgenre in film that is presented as if they were discovered video recordings. Found footage films make sense for horror because it puts the viewer in the shoes of the story and allows them to experience scares more viscerally and directly. People love horror movies, but sometimes being spoon-fed demons and …

2017: The Age of Hackers

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  2017 has been a year full of high-profile data breaches from hackers. Consumer credit score company Equifax revealed that hackers accessed up to 143 million customer account details on July 29th. This breach means that details such as names, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and credit card numbers from more than 200,000 people have potentially been stolen. Verizon announced that phone numbers, names, and pin codes of six million Verizon customers were left online for nine days. Voter data belonging to almost 200 million Americans have been found online. Chipotle’s payment system was hacked resulting in hundreds of people’s …

Velocity Agency Recognized as Best Digital Agency in Louisiana

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We are incredibly honored to announce that Velocity Agency was recognized as the Best Digital Agency in Louisiana! It was our dedication, teamwork, and revolutionary approach to helping clients achieve their goals that helped us achieve this honor.   Take a look at TMT News’ press release for more information.  

It’s Time To Go Digital

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A blog about blogs? Let this blog serve as both a reminder and an example of the importance of having a modern digital presence. First, it is a blog so it is by nature digital. Secondly, you found it by either exploring our website or searching for information on the importance of digital marketing and advertising. The moment this blog was posted we significantly increased our chances of bringing our content to you the consumer. We decided on a blog because in this digital age audiences are looking to be reached via digital mediums. It’s the basics of supply and …

Get the Most out of Your Tourism Marketing

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Like most industries, the travel & tourism has had to adapt to changes in technology. Rather than visiting travel agencies, consumers have moved to self-researching online when planning or booking a trip. This has had an enormous effect on tourism marketing strategies. In an increasingly technological world, digital campaigns are the best way to get your destination in front of eyeballs. Here are a few ways to create successful destination marketing campaigns:   Adapt to consumer trends. We’ve already mentioned that individuals planning a vacation turn to the Internet for direction. At Velocity Agency, we dive in deeper. Knowing when your target audience is booking their …

The Future Is Now: Avatar-Inspired Online Shopping

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With Cyber Monday surpassing Black Friday in gross sales this past holiday season, it is safe to say that online shopping will continue with exponential growth. While online shopping is very popular, it still has an intrinsic downside; an estimated 30 percent of all purchases are returned, which drives up the retailer’s overall costs. With this cost increase, it’s no wonder that retailers are developing better ways to decrease returns and increase customer satisfaction – Queue the Avatars.   Multiple international clothing companies, along with Hewlett-Packard Enterprises leading the charge, have created an Avatar-based experience; multiple cameras scan your body …

Velocity Vice President Guest Lectures at Loyola University

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Our Vice President, Kevin Conway, was invited to be a guest lecturer in Dr. Todd Bacile’s Electronic Marketing class at Loyola University New Orleans College of Business. Velocity has been working with Dr. Bacile to prepare future marketing students for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Based on our input, his Electronic Marketing Class has been re-designed to also train marketing students to be Google AdWords certified. The class focuses on search marketing, but it also dives deep into social media marketing. Conway had the chance to speak with the students about the importance of mastering digital marketing technologies. Mr. Conway said, “The …

Comments on Net Neutrality: The Beginning of the End of the Online American Dream

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The Internet has long been the new Wild West; sure it has its rules, but most rules are broken regularly and innovation is king, not money.  It is the only place where a talented college kid with an idea can topple a giant corporation and become a god overnight. What I have been viewing as the New American Dream. It is the only place where you can create a business for under $100 and where people are free to voice their opinions and succeed at whatever they want, as long as it’s good, which is decided by the public, not …