At Velocity Agency, we make sure the word is out about your event


At a time when information is at the fingertips of every consumer, the last thing we need is more information. To stand out to your consumers, they need to experience your brand in new ways. To effectively accomplish this, it takes a team of strategic thinkers and continuous creativity. Velocity Agency helps brands to rise above the competition by creating experiential marketing events that connect with the consumers and leave a lasting impression.
Two people planning an event

Event Planning

The time and dedication it takes to make an event a success can also make it a stressful and trying time, especially for persons who may not understand every component that goes into event planning. Event Design Build, a company in the Velocity family, has a team of organized and creative individuals who understand the stresses of event planning. We are able to take your event from the thought stage and bring it into reality, doing all of the work for you.
Man handing out an event flyer

Event Promotion

Do you have the recurring nightmare where no one shows up to your party? But how can you be sure that anyone even knew about the party? Before the event, you have put so much time and effort into getting the word out that an event is even happening at all. Event promotion is arguably the most important part of an event; if no one shows up, your event is automatically unsuccessful. From social media posts to print invitations, we tell the world.
Duct Tape store main floor

Event Design

The event designer is the artist, idea-maker, and aesthetic visionary behind the event. Velocity Agency employs a team of event designers to tackle each event. We will handle everything from selecting a color palette to creating a floor plan, choosing linens, furniture, and other rentals, imagining the floral designs and even developing branding for the event.
TNT event

Event Execution

We can talk about the many innovative ways to make an event truly memorable and valuable, but at the end of the day, if the basics of event execution are missing, the rest is forgotten. No one is going to remember the powerful speakers and amazing receptions if the event is unorganized, running late, and misdirected. As event professionals, Velocity Agency’s goal is to deliver a flawless event. And that begins and ends with flawless execution.
Woman working on a store layout plan

Store Layout

A good store layout starts on paper, where you work out building specs, customer traffic flow, product placement, and more, before ever installing a single display. Velocity Agency uses thoughtful planning to explore every option and create a store layout that encourages customers to browse and buy. From floor plan options that encourage traffic flow to ideal product placement, we will cover every aspect of your store layout.
Mercedes Benz booth display

Booth Design

Trade shows are a great place to gain exposure and show off your product or business. A booth that draws in consumers is the first step in accomplishing this. We will transform your brand into a larger-than-life event for attendees and staff with a booth design that includes creative architecture, bold graphics, and interactive elements. Velocity Agency can help with all aspects, ensuring you have a memorable trade show experience.
Mercedes Benz catered area in booth


With a staff that lives and loves all things New Orleans, you know that we know food. We know all the best places to eat, i.e. we know all the best caterers. When you want the food at your event to be the best around, Velocity will accomplish this. Our professional relationships with many caterers in the greater New Orleans area and beyond ensure that you are receiving the best quality of food.
Duct Tape store windows


The location of your event is as important as your event design. If your location is not large enough to house the entirety of your event, guests may feel cramped and leave before it even begins. Having your event in a well-known area that is easy to get to can also be advantageous to attract consumers off of the street to enter as well. Being from New Orleans, our staff knows the best places to through your event at.
Outside of the Duct Tape store

Street Marketing

As marketers, Velocity is constantly trying to find new ways to connect with customers as the effectiveness of traditional marketing has started to decline. Street marketing takes advantage of this by placing ads in spots where people would not expect to see them. A person expects to see billboards when they look up at the sky but they do not expect to see an ad when they look down at a manhole cover. The billboard can be common and dismissible, while the manhole cover is so unexpected that viewers not only see it, they will remember it.