Voice over, music, and visuals can enhance your story, but that story needs to be written out on paper first. Your next great brand video, movie, or commercial starts with a great video script from Velocity Agency! For that reason, there’s a great deal of responsibility involved at this stage of the video production process. Behind every great commercial, we produce is a team of Velocity’s best strategic thinkers, working together to find a way to eloquently promote your product or company. This is the thinking that only comes with years of professional experience working on a broad range of advertising projects; the kind of experience that Velocity Agency will put into action for your next project.
Before we ever put pen to paper, we take the time to fully understand your company, marketing goals, target market, and a key benefit to build a great script around.
Script mock-up
Once everything is in place, our talented scriptwriters begin the task of creating a memorable script for you. Writing a commercial script can be a challenging yet thrilling experience, but we love a good challenge. As commercial writers, Velocity Agency employs a personal set of guidelines we take into consideration for each company that we write a script for. We must also know the direction that the company we are going to write for wants to take.
The saying goes that practice makes perfect; the good news is that Velocity Agency has years of practice writing exceptional scripts for all types of production. We are here to create the best and brightest script for your company’s commercial or movie. For over 20 years, Velocity has been providing businesses of all sizes with creative script writing and TV ad concepts. If you need a powerful TV script concept, we can do the job. Contact us now to create results orientated TV concepts, scripts, and commercial storyboards that will help sell your product.