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Liking Isn’t As Instant As It Used To Be

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   Instagram has announced that it will hide likes for “some” users in the United States, its CEO Adam Mosseri said on Friday, November 8th. In an attempt to stamp down on competitive pressure on the platform, like counts won’t be displayed to followers anymore and won’t appear in the public feed. Instagram is not getting rid of likes altogether. As a user, you will still be able to see how often a post has been liked. Here are the questions we’ve received so far, with answers below: Why is Instagram doing this? Mosseri has said the change is …

Marketing meme

Meme Marketing Is Here to Stay

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What is a Meme? You’ve probably heard this word being thrown around, particularly in the social media realm, but what does it really mean? By definition, a meme is an image, video, or phrase with text then shared across social media. Typically, memes carry a hidden meaning referring to something socially or culturally relatable. Studies have shown that a person typically spends over two hours per day on social media, constantly surrounded by content, including eye-catching memes. This is an enormous, ever-evolving market that advertisers would be foolish not to tap into. Why Use Memes? Memes have the ability to …

A Day At Dave & Buster’s

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What could be more fun than a job at Velocity Agency? After this past weekend, I doubt you could answer anything else. On June 16th, the people behind Velocity Agency took a well-deserved break at the city’s latest place for fun and games: Dave & Buster’s. The day started at ten in the morning right when the place opened to get the most out of the little retreat from the office. Employees were treated to a private party room and a good lunch complete with tacos and burritos before spending a day in the arcade. Games at Dave & Buster’s …

Velocity Agency Recognized As One of the Top PPC Agencies in New Orleans

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Recently, Velocity Agency was recognized as one of the top PPC agencies in New Orleans by UpCity! UpCity describes Velocity Agency as “one of the most reputable, and commendable partners providing paid search and digital advertising services for small and medium-sized business.” We are incredibly proud of this great honor and to be one of the top pay per click advertising agencies in New Orleans!We know that Google pay per click advertising is one of the best ways for our clients to get their name and brand out into the market and are proud to be recognized for the hard …

Welcome to Our New SEO Manager

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We’ve been growing so fast that we are now having to go back to introduce you to some of the new people who have joined us over the past few months.  Say “hello” to Josh. We are pleased to introduce to you Josh Spencer, the latest SEO Manager to join our team. Josh was born in Germany… yeah you read that correctly, Germany! In 2000 Josh and his family relocated to Massachusetts. It was a big move for Josh but one that would eventually lead him to us. When it came time to go to college Josh decided to pack …

A New Face For Social Media

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As business continues to boom Velocity Agency continues to grow. We’d like to introduce you to the newest person to join our team, Danielle Doty. Danielle will be handling the social media accounts for some of our beloved clients. Danielle was born a military brat (her words) in southern California. Not long after she was born her family was stationed in New Orleans, LA. She had the quintessential NOLA childhood filled with crawfish, Mardi Gras, and many rides on the Ladybug at City Park. In 2011, she decided she needed a DRASTIC change of scenery. She moved to the snowy mountain town …