Welcome to Our New SEO Manager

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We’ve been growing so fast that we are now having to go back to introduce you to some of the new people who have joined us over the past few months. SEO Manager

Say “hello” to Josh.

We are pleased to introduce to you Josh Spencer, the latest SEO Manager to join our team. Josh was born in Germany… yeah you read that correctly, Germany!

In 2000 Josh and his family relocated to Massachusetts. It was a big move for Josh but one that would eventually lead him to us. When it came time to go to college Josh decided to pack his bags yet again, and head down south to New Orleans. Josh earned a B.S. in marketing and philosophy from Tulane University.

Throughout his college career Josh remained busy with various internships. By the time he joined us as an intern Josh had more experience than your average college student. At the end of his internship with us he decided to stick around and we couldn’t be happier about that.

Life in the south.

Josh loves New Orleans. When asked what he loves most about life in the south he gave me two answers: the weather, even though as I write this it is in the 40s outside; and the food. Josh claims he would be content eating a bowl of red beans and rice for pretty much any meal.

Around the office Josh is known for his music recommendations and his love of cream cheese. The music picks are great and the love of cream cheese can’t be explained.

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