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Liking Isn’t As Instant As It Used To Be

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Instagram has announced that it will hide likes for “some” users in the United States, its CEO Adam Mosseri said on Friday, November 8th. In an attempt to stamp down on competitive pressure on the platform, like counts won’t be displayed to followers anymore and won’t appear in the public feed. Instagram is not getting rid of likes altogether. As a user, you will still be able to see how often a post has been liked.

Here are the questions we’ve received so far, with answers below:

Why is Instagram doing this?

Mosseri has said the change is to ‘depressurize youth’ which, in our opinion is a parallel attempt to create a non-judgmental space for authentic expression. We think this change will be extremely beneficial to lessen cyberbullying and improve cultural mental health. We have friends and colleagues who have said they will post more frequently once this change is in effect. The reason? Users will have the ability to post impulsively without the fear of “low likes.”

What does this mean for Business profiles and influencers?

We don’t know yet, but we do know that both will need to focus on increasing followers and producing excellent content. Of course, there are some downsides to this, but overall the change will diversify the consumer’s buying decision by alleviating white noise and replacing it with transparency. The buyer-seller relationship won’t be as socially influenced and more direct.

The next question we’ve received is:

“…How will I even get in front of consumers and differentiate myself as a brand?”

This is the question being asked across America as we patiently wait to learn more.


Our Chief Revenue Officer, Jamie Gonzales, is a Social Media Marketing Expert and has worked with hundreds of clients to improve their presence across all social media platforms. She is passionate about social media and its positive impact if done correctly. She loves to educate our clients and keep them informed on news and updates. Watch her video to learn the latest announcement from Instagram!


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