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Welcome to The Newest Velocity Agency Intern, Aidan!

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Velocity Agency Intern

Velocity Agency is a great place to become a well-rounded individual in the world of digital marketing. We have had the pleasure of having talented interns in and out of our office and hope to provide enriching training to young professionals that are still in college. This blog comes to you from Aidan, our newest intern, who has already begun our office’s favorite past-time: teasing our digital marketing manager Moe!

“I started working at Velocity in the last week of May, and at the time of writing this, I have just finished my second week. Already I have learned so much and been involved in so many different parts of the digital marketing process.

The first day of work was a bit like jumping into a pool. I walked in, was given a tour of the building, introduced to all the members of the team and (to my surprise) started right away with production. Just on my first day, I learned the fundamentals of video editing software; and while it was somewhat overwhelming, the team was very patient with teaching me all the steps and answering my questions.

I would find that this was the standard for how my time would go. The next day, my day started with learning how to use a steady-cam, and how best to frame shots and record audio. The day after, I was given responsibility for recording audio for a monthly program and learned how to set up (and take down) lighting equipment. The second week I worked in different areas, mostly with the graphic design and social media teams, learning effective ways to structure advertisements, write blog posts, and the different steps of the process in making a marketing campaign.

So far I have enjoyed my first two weeks, and while I am here for the rest of the summer I shall be sure to write an update post. Everyone at Velocity was immediately friendly (except Moe), and I have already learned so much. It felt a bit overwhelming at first, but I started to feel comfortable right away. If you want to learn lots, work in a team, and get practical experience working in digital marketing, Velocity is a great place to take an internship!”


We are so happy to have Aidan as a part of our team for the summer! Thank you for always helping and being eager to learn and help!

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