Velocity Agency’s Family Values

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People can do amazing things when they combine their powers. At Velocity Agency, we believe in teamwork. Unfortunately, many other companies think that they work as a team even when they don’t see each other at all. We know that by understanding who our team members are, knowing their strengths, and forging an environment where everyone works in harmony, we can achieve your marketing goals.

Here are the reasons why Velocity Agency stands apart from the rest:

Company Outings

The brain is a complex muscle with thousands of neurons and tiny nerves. Mental workouts and brain games strengthen psychological power. However, it’s essential to give the central processing organ adequate rest and allow it sufficient time to recover. Company outings reinforce a positive company culture that meets employees’ physical and mental needs. Outings result in a highly engaged workforce that contributes to the company’s overall growth. In our line of work, our creativity must be recharged as well. Team outings allow the brain to relax and promotes creativity, collaboration, and overall productivity. Velocity Agency believes that getting to know each other and having more familial values tightens our bond and team cohesion. In 2017, Velocity Agency went to Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse, Dave & Buster’s, and a Halloween brass band show at RF’s in the French Quarter.


Sometimes, entire marketing teams will work remotely. We believe it’s important to be at the same place at all times. This creates a work environment where creativity is nurtured and cultivates synergy. Leveraging synergy means that every team member uses their own superpower in harmony with the rest of the team to reach the same goal. At Velocity HQ, we work in close quarters. Instead of sending emails here and there, we communicate clearly in person. The physical layout of our office maximizes productivity and gets our team involved.

Holiday Festivities

Traditions are important, and nothing is more important than to establish holiday traditions in the workplace. A holiday celebration builds positive morale which results in increased employee motivation. We recognize every birthday because every employee deserves to feel special. This past year, we had a Halloween desk decoration competition and watched as our office turned into a creepy and spooky atmosphere. This competition sparked creativity, teamwork and collaboration. Since Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and share, we hosted a company potluck with a smorgasbord of delicious food and spirits. Of course, no Christmas party is complete without stealing gifts from each other, so we hosted a White Elephant party, and things got pretty tense.

If you are looking for a team that’s more than just a disconnected company going through the motions to help elevate your brand, then the Velocity Agency family is right for you! We’re ready to tackle it all. Most importantly, we will have fun while doing it.

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