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The Harmon Brothers Effect

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Every so often, there comes an ad that is plain weird. As weird as it is, it resonates and more than likely you will remember the brand. The Harmon Brothers have crafted a genius marketing strategy that has revolutionized the use of viral videos to sell products. They are the masterminds behind Squatty Potty, PooPourri, and Purple Mattress. Here at Velocity Agency, we are not too proud to admit when other advertising agencies hit the bullseye with their marketing strategies. Velocity Agency is continually researching what advertisements miss the mark and what advertisements are sparking conversations, and we use that research to build a more efficient company. Here is why The Harmon Brothers’ campaigns were so effective.

They Combined Traditional Advertisements With Modern Humor
One of the oldest methods of advertisement is infomercials. In 2018, we are more than likely streaming all of what we watch on our televisions. Infomercials originally were aired during what is known as the Graveyard Slot, when networks and local TV affiliates sign off and sell their airtime for dirt cheap. However, you probably still know of brands such as ShamWow, OxyClean and The Snuggie. Infomercials are still a 91 billion dollar a year industry because people simply trust other people and pitch-men have been trained to be completely trustworthy and good at convincing you to make a purchase. The Harmon Brothers took the foundation of infomercials and fused them with modern day humor and outlandish kitschiness to form a modern-day infomercial. Their videos have more than 100 million views, and that’s outstanding in a day and time where people can choose to skip past advertisements.

They Immersed Themselves In The Product
Creative director Daniel Harmon and his brothers never set out to make their videos go viral but instead spent months immersing themselves in a product that they used to come up with a shtick. They slept on the purple bed, used the bathroom on a squatty potty and used PooPourri and discussed their ideas consistently until they found one that landed.

Their Media Placement Was Smart
Almost every time you watched anything on youtube, Facebook, Hulu and more: The Harmon Brother’s advertisements were there. They formulated these ads to capture your attention long before the skip ad button appeared so that consumers would watch to learn more about the product. These slots weren’t the graveyard slots like the previous infomercials: They were hard to ignore.

Velocity agency is a full-service marketing agency that can take care of it all. From creating a brilliant video, placing your media, making your video go viral and more: we will make sure that your brand does not go unnoticed.

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