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Five Types of Content Every Brand Should Post on Instagram

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Creating a cohesive Instagram brand is becoming more and more important in the world of social media marketing. Learning how to build your Instagram can still be a challenge and that’s why you need the social media team at Velocity Agency on your side! Here are five types of content that every brand should be posting to Instagram:

Content That Communicates Your Personality

The line between professional and personal on Instagram is beginning to blur because audiences love to see the faces behind the brand! Try posting content that allows your audience to know who you are. You can even include facts about yourself in your caption!

Content That Shows Off Your Brand Values

Always try and include things that you care most about and things that influence how you run your business. When it comes to your brand, you want to make sure that you show your audience that it’s not all about a sale. For example, if your brand helps a charity, you want to include that on your IG feed.

Content That Tells Your Story

Every brand has a story and a journey. Think about how you can put your story into your message. This could be anything such as posting a picture of your humble beginnings for your next #throwbackthursday. You can even put your story in your Instagram bio.

Content That Offers Advice

Showing your audience how you or your products are successful will definitely garnish an audience. This is why  nutrition and food influencers can build followers so easily by sharing recipes.

Content Promoting Your Services

Now we have come full circle, and of course, you still want to show your audience that you have a service to provide! Make sure that your feed isn’t bombarding visitors with promotions but sprinkling promotions through your content.

Here at Velocity Agency, we know how to show your brand in the best light! If you need help with your Instagram, contact us today! You can learn more about our social media team and experience here


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