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Dissecting Chrysler’s Pacifica Advertisements.

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Knowing your target market is important and Chrysler is aware. For most moms out there, minivans are a way of life. They are easy to help transport children back and forth as well as being spacious enough for entire family trips. Chrysler recently released a new Pacifica Minivan that gives the Pacifica a new attitude. In order to market a sleeker version of a minivan, it was important to market towards the moms with a similar attitude. Moms that still want to remain youthful and fun.

Chrysler hired actress Kathryn Hahn, who is known for her quirky personality, to star in many different commercials. What makes these commercials widely popular is not only Hahn’s goofy antics, but the use of widely popular songs ranging from Montel Jordan to Fergie.

Even though the concepts of these Chrysler commercials are clever, let’s explore why Chrysler chose an actress like Kathryn Hahn. Kathryn Hahn’s career speaks to a very defined piece of a generation. Starring in shows like Transparent and Happyish, Kathryn is known to take complicated roles to just plain goofy roles.

In 2018, female empowerment was a part of the advertising word more than ever. Female empowerment comes in many forms in our culture and women being outspoken and having a sense of humor is no longer out of the ordinary. Kathryn Hahn usually is in roles where she speaks her mind and no matter how risque her lines are written, she nails them.

Many scientists believe that since we are all so interconnected with technology, there is less of a generational gap between parents and children. Many times, adults and children are consuming the same type of content on their smartphones or on the internet. This means that the vitality of life for parents would be seen as somewhat immature to generations past.

When it comes to advertisements, the demand to be entertained is at an all-time high. People like to see advertisements that don’t feel like an advertisement and will have them laugh and even cry. If you are looking for an advertising agency that will create engaging and entertaining ads for you, contact Velocity Agency.

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