No Pass Interference

The No Pass Interference | A Marketable Moment

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No Pass Interference

It was a letdown that the whole city felt immediately when the Saints lost due to a no pass interference call on the Rams. In the midst of the loss, there have been petitions, suggested lawsuits, and even other states putting up billboards stating “Saints were robbed.” Outside of that, many local businesses in New Orleans have lost big time as well, while others jumped on the opportunity to use the sad event as a way to market to their consumers. Velocity Agency knows how to seize opportunities whether the circumstances are bad or good. You ALWAYS have an opportunity to reach your consumers. Here are five ways the Saints loss affected local businesses.

Black & Gold Sports Shop

Pam Randazza, owner of Black & Gold sports shop had already pre-printed NFC Champion New Orleans Saints hats and shirts so that they could be bought immediately by overjoyed fans.

Destination Management Inc

An entire month of hard work was put towards creating Super Bowl Packages for Destination Management, a well-known travel agency. In fact, 100 people had already signed up.


Dorignac’s would have seen a massive sales increase through selling food for cookouts, but there was already many Super bowl Sunday sains-themed items in the works.

Everyone knows that New Orleans has a way of turning any bad happening into something humorous. Many local businesses went straight to turning their tears into money.

Haydel’s Bakery

This bakery was baking up some major comfort food to ease the pain of the missed pass interference call that saints fans say cost the team the NFC Championship. The bakery began selling No ref cookies to poke fun at Bill Vinovich. Now, everyone wants to take a bite out of the referee. They also baked cookies with a blindfolded cellphone that said: “Missed Call, Who Dat.”

Louisiana Family Eyecare

A local eye doctor in Covington, LA issued the following Facebook statement. “We will GLADLY provide no-cost eye exams to all NFL officials prior to next season to prevent the atrocity that occurred tonight, we would hate for someone else to feel our pain.”

Here at Velocity Agency, we love the spirit of our city and our home. If you are looking for a marketing team that will take advantage of any situation to highlight your brand, contact Velocity Agency today!

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