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The Success of Bird Box and The Suspected Army of Twitter Bots.

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We hate to start the new year off with spreading gossip, but this one is worth talking about. If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard about the movie Bird Box: a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Conspiracies have been circulating on Twitter about the astounding amount of Bird Box memes. Hundreds of memes that became viral were coming from accounts with less than 50 followers.

Some marketing experts have speculated that Netflix has created a team of memers and bots to boost promotion of the film. Regardless of if Netflix was launching memes or not as a way to promote their original film, it is obvious the memes made it successful.

Most people spend more time on social media today than they do watching Television. For a brand to stand out amidst an ocean of other brands, meme marketing has been proven effective. Memes can visually associate their brand with an amusing video or image that is humorous and catchy and which helps enhance the brand’s image.

However, as successful as meme marketing can be, brands can make the wrong steps in meme marketing. Brands should know that being provocative may not always be the best way to make an impact on an audience. A meme is not supposed to be an advertisement or promote a brand in an obvious way. A meme should engage users by being funny, clever or irrelevant.

When it comes to Bird Box, Netflix has shown us that data-driven programming combined with social media buzz has led to it being more successful in the first week than any other film. Another genius aspect of the meme marketing behind Bird Box is the timing. More people were on their phones during the Holiday season than ever due to lack of work and being at home with their families.

Since Bird Box was a trending topic on the internet, more and more memes were made and they are still rolling out. Here at Velocity Agency, we make sure that our staff stays on top of all the trends that make marketing campaigns successful. We can learn a lot from Netflix as it continues to roll out with more and more original content. Do you believe the rumors about their twitter bots?


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